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Chapter 2050
Chapter 2050: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (6)

An icy cold glint flashed past Li Moying’s eyes .

Hearing Li Moying’s words, Huang Yueli suddenly woke up in shock and she lifted her head

to see the mark on Li Moying’s shoulder, which had already turned into a deep wound from her hard bite, as blood had already soaked a large piece of cloth on his shoulder .

She hurriedly leaned over as she carefully pressed his wound, “So… Sorry, I bit you? Do you feel pain? Don’t you know how to evade, just letting me bite you like this?”

“I don’t feel pain…” Li Moying shook his head slowly as his gaze was icy cold while

gazing attentively at the opposite cabin .

Huang Yueli was terrified because she and Li Moying’s hearts were interlinked so she immediately knew what he wanted to do .

She immediately pounced into his arms, as she tugged his clothes around his chest area and said anxiously, “Moying, don’t, don’t create a ruckus at this place! Moreover, this incident isn’t that simple and we must have a detailed plan so let me handle this myself!”

Huang Yueli was really afraid of him .

She naturally knew just how concerned Li Moying was about her and on seeing her so upset, there was a ninety nine percent chance that he would kill the both of them today .

But the problem was Li Moying’s current ability was a huge disparity from his past life and plus the fact that he had just barely recovered slightly from his Soul Detachment Illness, Huang ueli was really worried that he would act recklessly, disregarding his current state!

If this was true, his Soul Detachment Illness would probably relapse and his life would be at stake!

Moreover speaking, Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu, one was Celestial Heavens Gate’s Eldest Young Miss while the other was Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord, these two were absolutely important figures in both Sacred Lands .

Even if Li Moying was able to take the risk to kill them, it would definitely attract both Sacred Lands whole nest to dispatch their troops on a wild revenge chase .

This to Blue Profound Sect, where their ability was no longer the same as back then, would absolutely be a unbearable blow, and even if they were able to win, it would be a chance to Sacred Lands to reap the profit just by sitting on the side lines .

Li Moying had already done so much for her, so she absolutely could not afford to harm him like this!

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However, Li Moying’s rampaging fury in his heart couldn’t possibly be quelled with a few mere words .

He took a deep look at Huang Yueli and asked, “How are you intending to deal with them? You have no way to deal with them at all! I am your fiancé and helping you gain back your deserved justice is something that I should do . Don’t bother about this matter, I will settle it properly . ”

Huang Yueli was so anxious that she stomped her feet, “You, you, you… don’t you understand what I’m saying is it? I said I will deal with me, means I WILL DEAL WITH IT! These are my own enemies and I must personally trick them to death before I am appeased! Moreover speaking, things aren’t as simple as what you think . I suspect they were not the masterminds back then, there should probably be someone who is instigating them from behind . If we were to kill them casually, the lead would then be broken…”

“What?” Li Moying frowned, “They already have this kind of statuses, who else will be able to instigate them?”

Ye Xing Hua’s words appeared in Huang Yueli’s mind, which was related to the incident where President Jiang met with a mishap .

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There were just too many suspicious points related to the incident back then .

She suspected that even if she was surrounded and died, that was only a tip of an iceberg of an enormous scheme .

“Anyway, we really need to plan in great detail regarding this matter . You have to recuperate properly first and don’t be rash . After you have completely recovered, only then will you be able to protect me, isn’t it?”

Li Moying took another attentive look at her and took a deep breath as he pu;;ed her wrist, hugging her tightly .

“Alright, I’ll listen to you . Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do . But you’re not allowed to get upset over this bunch of scums . ”