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Chapter 2047: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (3)
Chapter 2047: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (3)

“Moreover, the Profound Energy fluctuations coming from here doesn’t seem very weak, seems like her cultivation isn’t that low… . . ”

“Ah ah ah, I really envy her so much! Young Sect Master Li is so gentle towards her, and so considerate! If I could be given one such glance by him, I am willing to die immediately!”

“Hmpf, so what about that! No matter how much innate talent Bai Ruoli has, she’s still unworthy of being together with Young Sect Master Li!”

“That’s right, her luck is just good to be able to be able to claim connections with Young Sect Master Li . Otherwise just based on her, she wouldn’t even be able to become Blue Profound Sect’s direct disciple!”

Various kinds of admiration and envious voices could be heard from all corners .

There were quite a number of young ladies who secretly gnashed their teeth on seeing their lovey dovey manner, intentionally putting aside Huang Yueli’s outstanding countenance and innate talent, openly and secretly belittling her .

Huang Yueli naturally detected the surrounding gazes but she totally ignored it all, treating it like nothing as she merely smiled faintly and just placed her hand onto Li Moying’s arm while putting on a natural and unrestrained look, allowing the other people to size her up as they pleased .

But she was also secretly forming sourish bubbles . So many years had passed and being a human for both lifetimes, this man still had such overwhelming charm . Just one gaze and he was able to make those female practitioners go head over heels for him .

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she secretly pinched Li Moying at his waist .

Li Moying felt pain and turning his head back, he met with his little fox’s unpleasant eyesight .

His brows rose as he lowered his head to speak by her ear, “Why are you so savage? Trying to murder your husband?”

“What rubbish are you sprouting! Since when did I have a husband, stop pasting gold onto your own face!” Huang Yueli rolled her eyes towards him .

Li Moying laughed out as he stretched out his arm to hug her tightly, as he blocked off all the various lines of sight from all around, “Alright, we’d better hurry in quickly, the auction’s about to start . ”

He led Huang Yueli into the auction house and at the same time, shot a warning gaze towards those young men who were staring dully at Huang Yueli .

He was a little regretful right now . He should not have allowed his little fox to dress up so gorgeously . Only Heaven knew just how many houseflies there were, which were drooling at his little fiancée .

He really wanted to tell them that his Li’er was already taken! She was his!

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Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master arrived so Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s President came out to welcome him personally, leading them to the most luxurious cabin in the uppermost level .

“Young Sect Master Li, Young Miss Bai, your presence at this year’s Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s auction really brings light to out Guild! Please come in quickly, please! This is our Number One cabin in the auction house and it had always been reserved for your distinguished Sect, please follow me in!”

The President courteously led them into the cabin and at the same time, secretly sized Li Moying up .

Rumour was that this peerless genius had just arrived in Sky Emperor City a few months ago and he had already stabilised his Number One genius’s seat . Even the sticky Mu Chengying who had high expectations also took him in as his only disciple at the first timing when he came out of closed door cultivation, and even handed Blue Profound Sect’s affairs to his hands .

In this way, Li Moying’s instantly became the target who everyone focused on in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent .

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It was the President’s first time meeting him and just one look and he couldn’t help but sigh that the rumours were indeed true . No matter be it the aspects of ability, innate talent, temperament, countenance, Li Moying was totally way above one’s imagination and in future, he would probably rise above Mu Chengying!

Moreover, his experience was shocking as well .

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s Number One cabin relied on an array to hover in mid-air, and the effect was extremely stunning .