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Chapter 2046: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (2)
Chapter 2046: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (2)

In this way, Blue Profound Sect’s team which attended the auction appeared very magnificent .

But Li Moying used his current identity when he was out .

Blue Profound Sect had long released news several months ago saying that Sovereign Mu had already accepted the peerless genius from South Sky Region, Li Moying as his direct disciple and he was representing him to manage the Sect’s affairs .

When Cang Po Jun and the others were outside, they seldom addressed him as Young Sect Master .

On the actual day of the auction, Li Moying and tham took the flying ship as it descended above Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s upper skies .

This year’s auction was the grandest one which Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild had conducted in the past ten years and there were a number of best quality valuable treasures which were going on auction .

One month ago, the Merchant Guild had already sent someone to pass the catalogue over to various large powerhouses and the extensive list of treasures on that list had some items which made even the rich and imposing Armament Master like Huang Yueli tempted, not to mention other people .

Whereas for the Purified Branch, it was the climax of the entire auction .

Hence this day, the auction was filled with many powerful practitioners as it bustled with life .

Those practitioners who were able to attend this occasion were all without exception, Soaring Heavens Continent’s top rated exponents and other than those juniors who tagged along with their Masters to see the world, the rest were practically ninth stage realm practitioners whereas almost half of the experts on the Sky Chart were also present .

Even though this was so, when Blue Profound Sect’s flying ship appeared, it caused a huge sensation .

‘Look! Snow Cloud Sky Ship! That’s Blue Profound sect’s Snow Cloud Sky Ship!”

“Even the Snow Cloud Sky Ship has appeared—!! Has Sovereign Mu appeared personally?”

“No, it’s not! It’s Young Sect Master Li! Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master Li!”

“Heavens, it’s actually him! Sovereign Mu had actually passed the Snow Cloud Sky Ship over to him to utilise? No wonder he’s the hot favourite Number One Genius in Soaring Heavens Continent right now!”

“Look there quickly, Young Sect Master Li is out! Ah ah ah, he’s simply too handsome . Earlier I was swept a glance by him and I’m almost about to faint! Heavens, how could there by such a handsome man like him?”

“That’s right, he’s just too good looking, my heart is going to jump right out from my throat!”

Quite a number of young female disciples who had followed their Masters along and when they saw Li Moying stepping out from the Snow Cloud Sky Skip, their eyes were glued on his perfectly sculpted side face as they revealed a passionate and drunk expression, simply even more excited than seeing Mu Chengying himself!

That was no wonder because Mu Chengying had already gone into closed door cultivation for sixteen years and those practitioners who were much younger had never seen his true countenance before .

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Whereas for Li Moying, his fame had already soared like the sun during midday and right now, he was shrouded with the light of the successor of the Number One Sacred Lands, so naturally he became the target of admiration for all the young ladies .

Numerous gazes gathered onto him .

Li Moying stepped out of the Sky Shop and stopped in his tracks as he turned around and stretched out his hand to hold a slender fair little hand from inside the ship .

Following that, he carefully half supported and half led the gorgeous young lady who was dressed in a goose yellow coloured flowing dress .

The young lady’s countenance was beautiful and her figure was slim and graceful as the hem of the dress weaved from light muslin cloth floated upwards slightly, making her as if she was a fairy stepping on the flowers .

Li Moying held her waist, holding her tenderly in his arms .

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The two of them stood together like a perfect couple which was pleasing to the eyes .

Everyone present were all stunned and it was until they had already left for quite a distance before they all started to regain their senses .

“Earlier that beautiful lady… that’s Young Sect Master Li’s fiancee Bai Ruoli?”

“Sh… should be I guess? Why is it that she doesn’t seem the same as before? In the past I didn’t feel that she was this beautiful!”