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Chapter 2029: No more chance (3)
Chapter 2029: No more chance (3)

Li Moying’s gaze instantly became icy cold .

“Old Man, what are you saying?? You say… cough cough, you say my woman… . Is… . cough cough…”

Li Moying’s state was originally frail and the moment he opened his mouth, the turbulent gush around his chest couldn’t help rushing up but he could still cast his furious gaze towards Dai Boqi, as there was a faint murderous intent beneath his eyes!

He was not even dead and someone dared to say… that his Li’er was Liu Buyan’s woman? And even said a match made in heaven??

When Huang Yueli heard that, she knew that the development wasn’t going right and she was deeply worried that Liu Buyan would anger Dai Boqi so she hurriedly covered Li Moying’s mouth .

At the same time, she turned around and laughed dryly, “Cough cough, this… . Divine Doctor Dai, I think I haven’t acknowledged you as Master yet… . . ”

When Dai Boqi heard that, he instantly became unhappy, “What do you mean? This old man has followed you to travel so far away, all the way until Blue Profound Sect and now you’re going to regret your decision? Other than this old man, who else can you acknowledge as Master?”

“No, no, I don’t mean it in that way…” Huang Yueli hastily explained, “We have agreed previously that you will first treat Sovereign Mu and after he has recovered, then I will acknowledge you as Master, without any regrets!”

Dai Boqi then gave a harrumph, “Alright then, where is Sovereign Mu? Why haven’t I seen him around? Moreover, Yan’er is right here, could it be that even Yan’er isn’t able to treat his ailments?”

Huang Yueli didn’t mentioned Liu Buyan at all, only pointing towards Li Moying’s direction and said, “Divine Doctor Dai, this is Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu . ”

“What did you say??” Dai Boqi’s eyes opened wide, “Do you treat this old man as blind? Before this old man had gone into closed door cultivation many years ago, I have also once met Mu Chengying himself . Although several decades had already gone past but that gentlemanly young lass would probably have changed as he grew up, but he couldn’t possibly undergo such a huge change! He is obviously not the same person!”

Huang Yueli had already long expected that he would have misgivings about this but due to the tight timeline, she wasn’t able to explain in detail, merely giving a brief explanation .

“Divine Doctor Dai, to tell the truth, just over a decade ago, Sovereign Mu had undergone an accident and had already died but later he reincarnated and now he had just resumed his identity after reincarnation and returned to Blue Profound Sect . Only thing was no one knew what happened during his reincarnation, he had innate Soul Detachment Illness and the situation is becoming more and more serious recently, already on the brink of death . ”

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When Dai Boqi heard that, his brows creased tightly .

“What? You mean to say… could it be that this is Mu Chengying’s reincarnated form? But, this . . how could this be possible? Sovereign Mu had really managed to master the ?”

Everyone knew that one they underwent reincarnation, all previous memories in their past lives would be completely forgotten .

There was an old tale that if one managed to master the ancient , then one would be able to retain their memories when they reincarnate .

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Alas, this cabala was extremely crooked and there were various unpredictable backlashes which might occur . Because of that, there were few who were able to master this during the ancient times and in the past ten thousand years, the skill was even rumoured to have been lost .

Hearing Mu Chengying’s reincarnation story, Dai Boqi’s first reaction was that he had mastered the .

Huang Yueli hesitated, “About this… it might not be so . Anyway Moying’s primordial spirit is already disorganised and on the verge of collapse so will Divine Doctor Dai please try to find a way to treat him! As long as you’re able to cure him, I am willing to do whatever you want me to do!”

When Huang Yueli said these, her hands were placed on Li Moying’s mouth, in case he butted in casually .

Li Moying had no reaction right from the start but when he heard this, he struggled and tried to open his mouth .