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Published at 26th of January 2021 06:08:12 AM

Chapter 2028: No more chance (2)
Chapter 2028: No more chance (2)

Huang Yueli turned her head around and looked at him coldly, “Why? Still feel that you’ve not harmed Moying enough? Did you think that I will still let you have any chance to do something to him?”

“I’m not… I… . . ” Liu Buyan was unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defence as he felt extreme pain in his heart .

He had once said that he couldn’t wait for Li Moying to die, and he also had grudges against him for snatching his beloved woman away from him so many times .

But in the inner depths of his heart, he had never thought about harming Li Moying, nor had he really done anything towards him .

Even if it was the last time when they had a huge fight in Levitation Sword Palace, Li Moying was so heavily injured that he seemed to be on impending death but that was merely a phony picture which everyone saw .

At that moment, Li Moying struck out only deadly moves towards him and the both of them were truly fighting with their real power so no one had really gone soft on each other so Liu Buyan had really suffered heavy injuries as well .

But it was because Li Moying originally had a weak and failing primordial soul whereas Liu Buyan had prepared many ninth level lifesaving pills which then caused the difference between the duo’s circumstances .

But all these, he probably had no more chance to explain to Huang Yueli ever again .

Liu Buyan was very clear that in this young lady’s heart, he had no way to turn himself around ever again, forever… . Retaining the image of a despicable and shameless villain… . .

Liu Buyan closed his eyes as he tried to suppress the heart shattering feelings and by the time he reopened his eyes, the usual calm and collected look had already resurfaced back on his eyes as the tone of his eyes seemed to have stabilised as well .

“Ruoli, no matter what you think of me, the truth is I’m the only one who can save Li Moying now . I swear that I will not do those harmful things to him again so let me take a look at his situation . I believe that you should also know that his condition cannot be dragged on any further!”

Huang Yueli replied coldly, “I’ve already said that I don’t need your hypocrisy!”

“But, Ruoli…” Liu Buyan took a step forward as he continued to persuade her .

Just at this moment, a series of knocking sounds was heard .

The female attendant outside the door said, “Sovereign, Guardians, a Pill Master by the name of Dai wishes to meet Sovereign…”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up as she hurriedly replied, “Quick, invite Divine Doctor Dai in immediately!”

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The room door opened and Dai Boqi’s figure appeared at the entrance .

On seeing Huang Yueli, he immediately frowned as he spoke out unhappily, “I say, disciple, why did you run so quickly! This old man had merely gone to stop the flying ship and you’ve already disappeared without a trace . Luckily I know that you’ve come to Levitation Sword Palace to look for Sovereign Mu, otherwise where should I go look for you?”

Before Huang Yueli could even say a word, when Liu Buyan saw Dai Boqi, he immediately voiced out in surprise, “Mas… Master, why have an elderly man like you… . leave the Alchemist Guild Headquarters?”

Dai Boqi then noticed him at this moment as he asked in surprise, “Hmm? Yan’er, why are you here too? You’re here to help Sovereign Mu to do a consultation? Just nice, quick quick quick, help this old man cure that scum’s illness! Otherwise, there’d be no cure for your Junior Sister!”

Liu Buyan’s expression was totally lost as he looked blankly at Dai Boqi, “What? What Junior Sister? And, who’s the scum?”

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Dai Boqi stared angrily at him and said, “Why have you turned so silly in just over a month? Your Junior Sister, isn’t she your fiancée? This old man has already taken her in as a disciple so in future, you’re both Senior Brother and Junior Sister, and are also husband and wife, which is a match made in heaven, made for each other… . . ”

Everyone present who heard that, had all gone dazed from what he said .

Hearing Dai Boqi say out such things, everyone was dumbstruck .