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Chapter 2030: No more chance (4)
Chapter 2030: No more chance (4)

Huang Yueli hastily leaned next to his ear as she whispered, “I tried so hard to cheat Divine Doctor Dai to cure you, no matter what he said, you’re not allowed to rebuke and just allow him to cure you, can you do that?”

Li Moying’s half opened peach blossomed eyes took a deep look at her .

Huang Yueli knew that he was feeling unreconciled because he didn’t like Dai Boqi to loop her together with Liu Buyan as a pair .

She thought about it and loosened her tone, “Please, can you don’t scare me? I’ve finally returned and if you really… if something untoward really happened to you, what do you want me to do?”

Huang Yueli initially only wanted to throw a tantrum to express her weakness, to make Li Moying listen to her but after she really said it out, she thought about how worried and scared she was during this period of time, her eyes turned red and her tears almost spilled out of eyes uncontrollably .

Li Moying saw her rabbit red eyes and instantly his heart melted into a puddle of water .

He tried his best to lift up that frail and lethargic hand as he gently pressed against Huang Yueli’s waist as he spoke out softly, “Don’t… don’t cry, I… I will listen… . to you… . ”

Huang Yueli then wiped her tears and took a few steps back, giving up the position next to Li Moying to Dai Boqi .

Dai Boqi looked a little puzzledly towards Huang Yueli, not totally clear on what had happened .

But thinking that as long as he was able to cure Li Moying, he would then take in a genius disciple who was deemed to become a ninth ranked Pill Master, he no longer hesitated as he sat beside Li Moying and took his pulse .

Huang Yueli and the Three Guardians kept their eyes on Dai Boqi attentively, waiting to hear the results of his consultation .

However, Dai Boqi’s brows were creased and after one hour of detailed consultation, he released Li Moying’s hand but didn’t open his mouth to say a single word, but grabbed Li Moying’s other wrist .

This time round, his expression turned graver .

Huang Yueli and the others were so anxious that they didn’t dare to breathe loudly .

Suddenly Dai Boqi opened his mouth, “There are so many of you here, and all of your cultivations are powerful ninth stage realm top exponents . Your soul traces and Profound Energy fluctuations are too strong hence affecting this old man’s diagnosis, can all of you go out first!”

Huang Yueli and the others all responded hastily and started walking outwards .

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Liu Buyan had been hiding by the side of the door, peeking sneakily while Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered about him .

At this very moment, he took a few steps forward and spoke to Dai Boqi, “Master, before you came, this disciple had already done some diagnosis towards Li Moying’s condition…”

Before he could finish his words, Huang Yueli gave him a fierce stare, “Why haven’t you scrammed yet?”

Liu Buyan’s voice stopped abruptly as his profound gaze landed onto Huang Yueli and he spoke out softly, “I know that you hate me, but… Li Moying’s condition is complex and way out of your imagination . Even for me, I had researched for many years before I had some findings, moreover I cannot guarantee absolute recovery . My Master has just diagnosed for such a short time, how could he possibly cure him? You also don’t wish to delay his illness right?”

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth tightly as she was crying out sullenly in her heart!

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But as the matter concerned Li Moying’s life, she had no choice but to be cautious as she made a compromise .

Dai Boqi was fully concentrated on taking Li Moying’s pulse and had not heard their whisperings .

At this very moment, he urged impatiently, “Yan’er, earlier you mentioned that you have some ideas? Still not hurrying over to do the consultation along with This Master? Sovereign Mu’s illness is indeed strange and This old man doesn’t know where to start from . ”