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Chapter 2021
Chapter 2021: In the depth of her memories (6)

“What? It’s him??” Dai Boqi was extremely surprised, as his entire face was filled with shock .

“But, he… hasn’t be been in closed door cultivation all this while? Moreover, the rumours of the world all say that long ago, he had already…”

Huang Yueli shook his head, “The rumours of the world, most cannot be trusted . The rumours also said that Divine Doctor Dai you had already departed this mortal world, but the truth was not so… Anyway, Sovereign Mu and I have a longstanding debt of gratitude and grudges which cannot be explained so easily but if I don’t hurry back and Sovereign Mu really dies, then I also won’t be able to live…”

Saying that, her feet softened as she knelt downwards, “Divine Doctor Dai, I’m begging you to go to Blue Profound Sect with me, to help treat Mo… . To help treat Sovereign Mu’s illness!”

Dai Boqi had not expected her to suddenly kneel down as he had a shock, and quickly stretched out his hand to support her .

“Disciple, this you… . ai, it’s not that this old man refuses to, but I don’t know what’s the matter with Yan’er . Sixteen years ago he had fallen out with Sovereign Mu and that year This old man also tried to mediate in their quarrel but Yan’er refused to let This old man to have any dealings with Blue Profound Sect… I also don’t know what this Sovereign Mu had done to Yan’er?” Dai Boqi’s brows furrowed tightly .

Huang Yueli bit on her lips tightly and in her mouth, she seemed to taste blood .

Then she suddenly recalled that Dai Boqi as Liu Buyan’s Master, he was also a ninth ranked Pill Master back then and although his medical skills weren’t comparable to Liu Buyan’s, but he was also a first rated Divine Doctor in Soaring Heavens Continents .

Since Liu Buyan was so pigheaded, if she could make Dai Boqi follow her back to Blue Profound Sect to help Li Moying do a consultation, perhaps there might be a glimmer of hope .

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But she guessed that Dai Boqi would stand on Liu Buyan’s side, and he definitely wasn’t willing to treat Li Moying so that was the reason why she didn’t tell the true situation .

If Dai Boqi were to find out that Li Moying’s injury was the works of Liu Buyan’s, moreover this time her return was to sought Liu Buyan to settle this debt, then there was a ninety percent chance that he would not help .

Hence, out of no other choice, she thought of this set of lies as she coaxed and deceived Dai Boqi .

Although cheating an elderly was very ungenerous, but due to dire circumstances, she could not care about so much any longer .

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“Divine Doctor Dai, no matter what happened between Sovereign Mu and Divine Doctor Liu, if something really happens to Sovereign Mu this time round, I’d probably… . also not be able to live . Then elderly grandpa you, will really not be able to take in your disciple!”

This time round, she indeed poked Dai Boqi’s achilles heel .

He had wished so many years for a disciple and if she were to die for no good reason, that would really be melancholic for him!

Moreover, the lies which Huang Yueli weaved were still rather logical .

Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu’s name was famous and the restraint that he set upon personally, was extremely normal for most people to not be able to breakthrough it . Moreover, if the meridians were restrained for a long period of time, if the method was done in a vicious way, there was indeed a possibility which might endanger one’s life .

So Dai Boqi kept pondering over this, and as he really wasn’t assured hence he gave a long sigh .

“Alright, this old man shall follow you on this trip, to first take a look at what kind of terminal illness did this Mu Chengying contract! If it really can’t be cured, then at least I’d force him to release the restrain on you first! This fellow is really a scum who is devoid of human nature . Not to mention that he harmed my eldest disciple, now he even harmed a pretty young lady like you! I really wonder why Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord Huang would even have any interest in a fellow like him with a human face but with a heart of a beast! Just because he’s good looking?”

The more Dai Boqi thought, the angrier he got as he couldn’t help but berated Mu Chengying into a bloody mess!

Huang Yueli was listening to him as she was extremely embarrassed while sprouting a headful of cold sweat . Yet she didn’t dare to interrupt him to help her own fiancée to refute .

Having told a lie, she would need to come out with numerous lies to cover this original lie…