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Published at 21st of January 2021 03:05:42 PM

Chapter 2020
Chapter 2020: In the depth of her memories (5)

Dai Boqi jolted as he looked at her in surprise .

“Ah? What? Is this… is this really what Yan’er said?”

Huang Yueli knew that Dai Boqi had totally been kept in the dark but now her heart was burning with anxiety so she had no mood to make any extra explanation .

Hence she used her hand and propped up her head, showing a look which seemed as though she was giddy, “Divine Doctor Dai, I’m a little giddy and I wish to lie down a little while more…”

Dai Boqi hurriedly nodded his head, “Alright, then have a rest first, This Old Man will get them to prepare some food which is easily digestible . ”

Saying that, he turned around to leave .

The moment Dai Boqi left, Huang Yueli immediately opened her eyes as she forcibly propped up her sore and lethargic body, as she attempted to climb down from the bed .

“What the… what poison did Liu Buyan give me! Why is it that after I took the antidote, I feel totally lethargic?”

Her four limbs were soft and she totally didn’t have any energy at all . Just taking a few steps made her extremely tired like a dog and moreover, her cultivation had yet to recover, so there was no way that she could use the method of regulating her breathing to recuperate .

This kind of situation made her simply anxious beyond hope .

“In this way, how am I supposed to rush back to Blue Profound Sect? I wonder how is Moying now… is he still alive?”

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Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s heart thumped wildly as bouts of terror and desperation surged up her mind .

She hurriedly shook her head, casting these scary thoughts out of her mind, “No, it won’t be! It’s impossible that it will turn out like that! Moying is so powerful, and so strong, nothing can beat him and he will absolutely not die just like that!”

When Huang Yueli thought of this, she couldn’t care about the aches and soreness in her body as she tried her best to walk outside .

No matter what, no matter how frail and weak she was, even if she had to climb, she would climb over to Li Moying’s side!

She couldn’t wait a single moment longer!

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She clenched her teeth and showed overwhelming determination as she pushed the door and walked right out .

Whoever knew that she had just reached the door when she saw Dai Boqi leading the female attendant, walking over in a hurry .

She totally couldn’t evade them in time as she was stopped by Dai Boqi directly .

“You… why did you run out? Have you forgotten what this old man has told you?” Dai Boqi was so angry that his eyes popped out while blowing his whiskers, “You don’t want to live anymore? What’s the exact matter which is worth turning you this anxious? Quickly go back and lie on the bed!”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to sneak out quietly but on seeing Dai Boqi in this manner, she knew that her plan of sneaking out was not going to succeed .

Her thoughts raced past quickly as she said, “Divine Doctor Dai, I really have something urgent on! It’s related to saving one’s life!”

When Dai Boqi heard that, he was stunned but immediately he gave a cold snort, “Save someone? Save who? This old man only knows that I have finally taken in a disciple and I cannot let you lose your life just like this! Don’t even think about leaving this place!”

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she said, “But, if I don’t leave this place… I will really die!”

“What do you mean?” Dai Boqi frowned .

Huang Yueli said, “I finally recalled that the person who sealed my meridians is indeed a ninth stage realm peak top exponent and moreover, his exclusive method cannot be undone by anyone else! If the time drags on for too long, it will also endanger my life! But this top exponent, before I lost my memories, he had already been diagnosed with an incurable disease and his life was hanging on the verge… I’m afraid that if he really dies, then no one will be able to release my restraint anymore! So I must be quick and hurry over!”

Dai Boqi’s eyes opened wide, “What? There’s such a matter? Who’s the one who sealed your meridians?”

“It’s… . Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu Chengying!” Huang Yueli said .