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Chapter 1999: 1999
Chapter 1999: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (1)

Chapter 1999: This is what’s known as a match made in Heaven (1)

Under the crowd’s astonished attentive watch, Huang Yueli slowly walked out as she nodded her head towards the middle aged steward .

“The Number Eight Jade Box… is mine!”

Although everyone already had a premonition in their minds, but when they really heard Huang Yueli admitting it personally, it still made everyone present go into shock .

The middle aged steward immediately bowed to her respectfully, “May I asked, what is your surname Young Miss?”

Huang Yueli replied, “My surname is Bai . ”

“Young Miss Bai, may I know how many stalks of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses are stored in your jade box? Could you please reply to this question, so that This Subordinate can tally the figures?” Middle aged steward respectfully asked .

Earlier, he had mistook the wrong person which made him extremely embarrassed so this time round, he just wanted to verify .

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she said, “There should be fifty… no, should be forty eight stalks of Drought Land Pearl Lotuses in the jade box!”

She almost said the wrong quantity in a moment of haste, because when she removed the Pearl Lotuses from the box, she really didn’t count the quantity carefully, merely thinking that the quantity was definitely enough hence she casually swiped some away .

Now that she had to state the exact figure, it was rather tough to recall it but luckily her memory was astonishing hence she managed to recall it .

When the middle aged steward heard that the figures matched up, he knew that this time round he definitely did not get the wrong person so the respectful expression on his face grew even more obvious and when he spoke, his waist almost bent so low until it almost touched the ground .

“Young Miss Bai, Divine Doctor Dai is waiting for you in the rear courtyard, may I ask you to move and follow This Subordinate over to meet…”

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When Huang Yueli heard that, her face expressed some hesitations, “About this… it might not be suitable . ”

When the middle aged steward heard that, he went into a blank and lifted up his head in shock .

Shouldn’t anyone who heard that they were being summoned by Divine Doctor Dai, immediately rush over in excitement? Why was it that this young lass seemed as though she wasn’t the least excited, and from her tone it seemed that she had the meaning of rejecting this?

“Young Miss Bai, you… could it be that you’re not willing to acknowledge Divine Doctor Dai as your Master?”

“It wasn’t that I’m unwilling, but… my situation is not quite the same as what Divine Doctor Dai thought, so he might possibly be disappointed…”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, thinking how she should explain that she was Liu Buyan’s fiancée .

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The middle aged steward didn’t understand what she said and was about to ask for a clear reason when Shu Yali suddenly understood what she meant and giving a cold sneer, she butted into their conversation .

“Ha, I finally understand why! Bai Ruoli must have done something secretly . She totally doesn’t have any Pill Master’s innate talent so how could she possibly harvest so many medicinal herbs? It’s totally impossible! And there’s forty eight stalks! Does she think that she’s in the vegetable farm harvesting carrots? Mister Steward, there must be a problem somewhere!”

The other Pill Masters were also shocked by that astonishing figure of forty eight stalks .

Right now when they heard Shu Yali’s words, all of them seemed as though they had just awoken from their dream .

“That’s right, forty eight stalks! How could that be possible?”

“Her harvesting success rate is actually sixty percent? She had already reached Divine Doctor Liu’s standard? Isn’t that a little too fake? Anyway I don’t believe it!”

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“That’s right, this is just so fake until it’s too exaggerated! Who could believe in such a matter?”

The Pill Masters all had a dubious look on their faces .

It was not strange that they weren’t able to accept this . All of them were pill refining talents whom the Alchemist Guild had placed emphasis on nurturing . Not to mention that they had outstanding talent, they had even gone through many years of tough training so their pill refining skills were extremely adept .

In the end, the medicinal herbs which they harvested couldn’t be matched up to a young lass with no profound energy?

This was simply a joke!

Middle aged steward frowned and barked out sharply to berate them, “Enough, Divine Doctor Dai’s decision… . . ”