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Chapter 1998: 1998
Chapter 1998: Self-sentimental (7)

Shu Yali was extremely agitated and when she rushed towards the Steward, her hair was scattered loosely and she was trembling from head to toe with an extremely flushed face which looked terrifying, looking no different from a lunatic .

The middle aged Steward was shocked by her as he hurriedly stepped backwards to evade her, as a look of disgust was revealed on his face .

“Young Miss Shu, what do you mean by this? I have always been conscientious while carrying out my tasks so how would I possibly get things wrong? The disciple whom Divine Doctor Dai wanted to take in is not you, will you please move aside because I still need to look for the real genius!”

“What? Impossible! Divine Doctor Dai is definitely looking for me, It’s ME! I am the only third ranked Pill Master here whereas all the others are all second ranked! They can’t possibly be some genius! These trash, how would Divine Doctor Dai even take any interest in them?”

Shu Yali totally didn’t believe these words as she couldn’t help but screeched sharply .

Hearing that, the other Pill Masters weren’t willing to overlook it any longer .

“Shu Yali, what do you mean by that? You yourself can’t enter Divine Doctor Dai’s eye, but you feel that everyone else also can’t?”

“That’s right, aren’t you too full of yourself? Do you think that you’re the only genius? Everyone was able to be selected as an apprentice candidate, who doesn’t have some skills up their sleeves?”

“That’s right! If it’s not you, then it’s not you, can’t you just admit that you just can’t match up to someone else? Showing this look, isn’t that a little too ugly looking!”

The Pill Masters all put up an indignant look, expressing their disdain towards Shu Yali .

Shu Yali was so infuriated that she almost fainted!

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These people were just fawning on her earlier, hoping to hug her thigh but on seeing that they’ve got it wrong, they immediately turned around to ridicule her, couldn’t wait to hit her when she was down!

“Master Steward, please tell us quickly who did Divine Doctor Dai take interest in?” The Pill Masters were asking impatiently .

Middle aged steward regained his senses and gave a cough as he spoke, “There is no name on the jade box so I also don’t know this Pill Master’s name, but the number on the jade box should be Number Eight…”

“What?? Number Eight??”

“Is there a mix-up? How could it be Number Eight??”

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“That’s right, it could be any number, but it is not possible to be Number Eight!”

Middle aged steward was speaking halfway when he was interrupted by those astonished Pill Masters!

It really wasn’t that they wanted to interrupt him, but this news was simply too shocking, simply unfathomable to the max!

Who didn’t know that the Number Eight jade box was submitted by Huang Yueli?

If it was anyone else, it was still passable but Huang Yueli… she had no ounce of Profound Energy at all, and no pill refining innate talent… how could this possibly be real? Unless Divine Doctor Dai’s eyes were blind!

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Middle aged steward’s expression turned uglier, “What do you mean? I said that I will absolutely not get it wrong! Divine Doctor Dai had checked the Number Eight jade box and moreover, it was entirely filled with the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses!”

Drought Land Pearl Lotuses!

When the middle aged steward said out the medicinal herbs in the box, the Pill Masters were instantly dumbstruck .

Everyone’s medicinal herbs type was different and everyone knew that the medicine farm which Huang Yueli was tending to, was the Drought Land Pearl Lotuses!

The medicinal herb and number all matched up and if they were to still continue saying that there was a mix up, it would really not be plausible .

But… how could it be?

The middle aged steward saw that no one was talking as he pursued his questioning, “Who is the owner of the Number Eight jade box? In future you will be the half owner of our small courtyard . Earlier this subordinate had recognised the wrong person, so will you please don’t take offense with me…”