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Chapter 1978: 1978
Chapter 1978: Earth attribute ninth grade talent (4)

When Huang Yueli heard her talking, she frowned slightly but in the end she didn’t bother to raise her head as she continued to bury it into the pile of books, without any intention to bother about Shu Yali .

Shu Yali was totally ignored and the fire in her heart flared up as she shot up next to her .

Lowering her head to take a look, she saw the medical book in Huang Yueli’s hands and her smile widened .

“?? Hahahaha, it’s so amusing, you’re actually reading this kind of book! You don’t even know such basic harvesting method, do you think that you are really able to complete your task? Clasping the Buddha’s feet when danger arises, no one does it like you! To tell you the truth, the Drought Land Pearl Lotus’s picking method is very complex and most Pill Masters have to practice for over a month in order to get it . You have only just started to read the book, there’s not enough time at all!”

“Moreover speaking, you don’t even have a single bit of Earth attribute innate talent so even if you managed to drill the method right in, you aren’t able to preserve much medicinal effects of the Drought Land Pearl Lotus, which is an entire waste of time! When you ruin Divine Doctor Dai’s medicinal herb, you will be finished!”

“So I’d advise you, stop tormenting yourself and leave sooner!”

Shu Yali looked as though she was bemoaning the state of the universe and pitying the fate of mankind as she kept on persuading her .

At this moment, the other Pill Masters were also returning consecutively to the study room for their afternoon rest and when they heard her words, they crowded around out of curiosity .

When they saw the book in Huang Yueli’s hands, the crowd silently shook their heads .

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Everyone felt that although what Shu Yali said was a little too mean, but it was still reasonable .

“If Young Miss Bai was allocated the lower first or second level lower grade medicinal herbs, she might successfully pick a few stalks to submit the task but unfortunately it was the sixth levelled medicinal herb Drought Land Lotus Pearl…”

“Speaking of this, Young Miss Bai is really unlucky! The Drought Land Pearl Lotus which she was allocated seems to be the highest among our batch and as an ordinary person, there’s no way she is able to complete the harvesting!”

“Actually there’s no meaning in her staying around forcibly . The steward already said, there will only be one who will be able to stay behind to formally become the apprentice and even if she could barely pick some stalks of medicinal herbs, the medicinal effect couldn’t possibly be compared to genuine Pill Masters so elimination is definitely, so why waste the extra effort?”

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“She’s probably not reconciled… but even if she’s not reconciled, surely she’s not able to change her own innate talent?”

The Pill Masters were discussing on this and none of them thought well of Huang Yueli .

It was no wonder because logically, there was no point in working hard in Huang Yueli’s situation, even if she entered the medicine farm, she would only be trampling those medicinal herbs!

Moreover speaking, she hadn’t even learnt the method of harvesting and with such little time, just casually thinking about it and one would know that it’s impossible for her to complete the task given by the steward .

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However, not bothering about what outsiders said, Huang Yueli remained composed as she flipped her medicinal book, totally oblivious to the people around as she turned a deaf ear to the clamouring around her .

When the crowd saw her not responding, they slowly lost interest and changed the topic .

Only Shu Yali would occasionally look towards Huang Yeuli as her lips would curl up into a sneer occasionally, as she silently chanted in her heart .

“Really haven’t seen anyone who courts disaster like this! Your tears won’t drop until you see the coffin! Wait till you trample Divine Doctor Dai’s medicinal herbs and are chased out of the Guild then you’d know his prowess! When Divine Doctor Dai’s temper flares up, even Divine Doctor Liu will not be able to protect you . By then you won’t even have the chance to cry!”

Not too long later, after the noon break, the Pill Masters all started to leave .