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Chapter 1957: 1957
Chapter 1957: Couldn’t even match up to a three year old (5)

Everyone was anxiously waiting to see her make a fool out of herself .

However, Huang Yueli’s face did not show any special expression, merely nodding her head as she opened her ruby red lips as she started to recite slowly .

“The art of pill refining is based on the medicinal herbs as foundation, to develop the medicinal herbs as an origin while gathering Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi, so as to…”

Her tone was exceptionally sweet sounding and her speed was steady with measured cadences . It was obviously the most boring medical book ever but when the words were read out from her lips, it seemed like a pleasant song .

Everyone present were all attracted by her sweet and mellow voice and it took a while later before they realised that she was reciting the book! Moreover, she had been reciting a medical book which she was just reading through barely one hour ago!

The first page first paragraph of , to a Pill Master, had the deepest impression to them as they had memorised this multiple times so even to their deathbeds, they would never forget about this .

So even if there was no need to look at the original content in the judge’s hands, everyone knew that Huang Yueli had not recited it wrongly, not even with a single word difference!

This was out of everyone’s expectations . After all, everyone had already deemed that she would fail badly at the very first round but in the end, she actually recited it in such a played down manner?

Very quickly, Huang Yueli finished her recitation of the contents on the first paragraph of the first page .

But she wasn’t like Shu Yali, continuing to finish reciting the entire page automatically . Instead, the minute she finished the first paragraph, she stopped immediately without even reciting a single word more .

In this way, she had indeed completed the bet’s content but to outsiders, they naturally felt that she was weaker by several notches as compared to Shu Yali .

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When Shu Yali first heard her reciting, she was indeed shocked .

Because she originally thought that Huagn Yueli wouldn’t be able to recite a single word at all . But in the end, things had turned out differently from what she thought and Huang Yueli actually managed to complete the first round of the bet!

But towards the end of it, she slowly eased her tension .

The first page’s contents were naturally the easiest to memorise and as long as those who had slightly better memories, were all able to remember it . But she actually only remembered the first paragraph? That meant that her memory wasn’t that great after all!

The other Pill Masters had the same thinking, which were roughly the same as hers so they exchanged mutual glances .

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“This Young Miss Bai’s memory is still ok . She had just casually flipped through and was actually able to recite the first paragraph out!”

“Of course it’s easy to memorise the first paragraph, but as for the contents after that, she definitely will not be able to recite it out!”

“That’s for sure, she really is considered lucky that Young Miss Shu is showing her mercy . It’s probably because of Divine Doctor Liu’s face, to not let her be too embarrassed?”

This sentence was exactly what Shu Yali had in mind as she conveniently continued from there, “En, not bad! No wonder you’re Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancee, at least able to recite the first paragraph! Then following that, let’s continue!”

The youngster who was acting as the judge nodded and said, “The second round will now start . Senior Sister Shu, please recite the second paragraph of the eleventh page . ”

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Shu Yali was extremely familiar with this paragraph as she finished reciting it smoothly and without any exception, she continued reciting even more contents all the way until she finished with the entire page before she stopped .

Following that, it was Huang Yueli’s turn again .

Shu Yali wanted to show her own magmanity as she hurriedly butted in again, “This time round, Young Miss Bai please recite the second page’s first paragraph!”

Hearing that, all the Pill Masters present all showed a knowing smile .