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Chapter 1942: 1942
Chapter 1942: You want her, or you want your life? (5)

Just at this moment, Li Moying suddenly felt a chilly sensation from his forehead .

Moments later, the dizziness feeling in his head slowly subsided and the head splitting pain feeling slowly lessened as his eyes sobered up slowly… .

This feeling was something which he had not experienced in the past month .

Li Moying was astonished for a moment and he suddenly opened his eyes to see Liu Buyan right in front of him . Moreover, his slender long fingers were holding firmly onto a long and thin gold needle .

“You…” Li Moying’s eyes widened as he stared at that aloof handsome face .

Liu Buyan withdrew the gold needle as he cast a cold glance at him .

“How is it? Do you feel much comfortable now? I’ve told you this long ago that other than me, no one else can save you! As long as I take action, not to mention anything else, just allowing you to live for another three to five years is absolutely not a problem . I can tell that your innate talent for this lifetime isn’t bad at all, even stronger than in your past life . Perhaps in these remaining last years of yours, you will be able to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm to reach God Realm . By then, perhaps your Soul Detachment Illness will have a cure!”

Li Moying clenched his teeth and didn’t make a single sound .

What Liu Buyan said was the entire truth, and Li Moying knew this clearly in his heart .

Honestly speaking, if what Liu Buyan wanted was not his beloved woman, but any other price to pay, as long as he had a sliver of hope to continue living and to take care of his Li’er, Li Moying really could accept any other requests .

But, unfortunately… . .

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Li Moying fell silent for several moments and said, “I don’t understand what you mean? You are saving me now, aren’t you afraid that after I break through to the tenth stage realm, I’d return to exact revenge on you? As long as I’m alive, there will be a day when I will breakthrough the peak condition in my past life!”

Liu Buyan gave a cold humpf and said, “Of course I know that . So if you want me to save you, you must follow the ancient oath and swear to the heavens that you will never go near Bai Ruoli ever again . Not only should you not meet her, you should also cut off any forms of contact with her . You must drink my specially prescribed Unfettered Void Memory medicine, and forget about Bai Ruoli for the rest of your life!”

Li Moying’s expression suddenly changed!

Although he knew that the condition which Liu Buyan listed out would be this .

But when he really heard him saying this, it still made his inner heart feel shocked! At the same time, he was deeply humiliated and resentful!

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He clenched his teeth to say out the words one after another, “It – is – impossible!”

“It’s absolutely impossible for me to use my woman as a trade in order for me to lengthen my life span! Li’er isn’t some commodity which could be traded! She is a human!”

Liu Buyan laughed quietly, “That’s right, she’s a human! So I’ve never said that I wanted her to do anything for you, isn’t it? It’s Bai Ruoli’s freedom to like anyone . What I want you to promise is something that you alone is capable of doing! Never to see her ever again! Even if one day, your Soul Detachment Illness is completely cured, you are not allowed to meet her!”


Li Moying’s lower jaw suddenly turned taut as his entire body turned extremely stiff, totally rendering him immovable .

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This kind of condition… . How could he possibly agree to it?

Long ago, he had already casted his own life and death aside . Originally the only pull factor which triggered him to stay alive was to stay alive in order to take care of Huang Yueli properly, to pamper her and to see her leading a life without worries under his own protection .

If these all became bubbles, and he still needed to see her being lovey-dovey with other men… . .