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Chapter 1937
Chapter 1937: Acting like a fool (13)

Huang Yueli saw their hesitation as she gave a faint smile and stood up unhurriedly to add on .

“Actually, if everyone delved more into the details then you will be able to understand it . I’m just an ordinary person so how would I dare to offend so many Pill Masters? They are all practitioners with high-levelled cultivation! I totally can’t beat them at all! Furthermore, I’ve just arrived at the Alchemist Guild Headquarters not too long ago so how could I possibly know where the self-destruction mechanism in the Books Depository was? Everyone here are all Elders from the Alchemist Guild but all of you also don’t know how to trigger the self-destruction mechanism, isn’t it?”

Everyone was stumped by her questions as they all went speechless for a moment in time .

Huang Yueli then added, “So to speak, this matter is really just an accident! If it wasn’t for Young Miss Feng who was determined to catch me, I wouldn’t have ran over to that corner, nor would I have accidentally triggered the mechanism! Until now, I still feel extremely scared now!”

She put on an innocent look as she spread out her hands .

If these words were spoken out from the very start, the Elders would definitely not have had any patience to listen to her, nor would they have believed her .

But now it was totally different . Feng Xiaoyan had already expressed her unruly sign of hers in front of everyone whereas the witness that she had found had also admitted that he had committed perjury .

The Elders were already starting to have doubts on the truth of the matter .

At this moment, Huang Yueli even gave such a methodical analysis and the Elders were somewhat comprehending it as they started to nod their heads consecutively .

“So it’s like this… . what Young Miss Bai said is logical!”

“Isn’t that so? I also don’t know where the self-destruction mechanism is, how could she possibly know?”

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“If it was really Feng Xiaoyan who sought trouble with her, that could only be said that she reaped what she had sowed!”

“Feng Xiaoyan is too much! Just because she’s the President’s daughter, how could she bully Young Miss Bai in such a way? This kind of woman, luckily Divine Doctor Liu hadn’t taken any interest in her, otherwise… . he’s just really too blind!”

“Feng Xiaoyan maligned her, shouldn’t she come out to give Young Miss Bai an apology?”

The Elders all shot berating gazes towards Feng Zhensheng .

Feng Zhensheng was feeling a flurry of headaches and he was feeling indignant and melancholic!

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Now that the truth was clear for all to see, Huang Yueli’s explanation was seamless whereas Feng Xiaoyan’s saying was full of flaws, totally unable to stand up .

Originally he trusted his daughter very much but now it felt as though he was given a tight slap on his face by others, which made him simply unable to face anyone at all! All the reputation which he had accumulated over so many years, had all been ruined just because of Feng Xiaoyan’s embarrassing matter .

Feng Zhensheng wanted badly to punish Huang Yueli at all cost, to vent anger on behalf of his daughter .

But in front of the group of Elders whose emotions were stirred up, how would he dare to say a single word more . No matter how unreconciled he was, he could only admit his wrongdoing .

“Young Miss Bai, this matter… . This President had put the wrong blame on you! But now that Yan’er’s fingers are so seriously hurt, she’s already very pitiful so will you stop blaming her . As her father, I will apologize on her behalf!” Feng Zhensheng gave a long sigh .

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Huang Yueli shot an insipid gaze at him and said, “President Feng please be assured, I’m not someone who is unreasonable! Since my innocence had been vindicated, then let’s forget about this matter!”

Saying that, she turned towards the Elders and cupped her hands in obeisance as she turned around and swaggered out of the main hall .

She didn’t really wanted Feng Xiaoyan to come out to kneel and apologize to her but she was going to stay on in the Alchemist Guild for a couple more days so in order to leave a good impression on the Elders and for the sake of making things more convenient for her, she could not overdo it .