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Chapter 1938: 1938
Chapter 1938: You want her, or you want your life? (1)

Anyway, the step which she had given to Feng Xiaoyan earlier was totally without any mercy, as she had practically used up her entire strength in her body .

When Huang Yueli stepped down on her, she heard the pitter pattering of bones crushing sound . Perhaps these bones had already been crushed finely and it was really hard to say if it could be reconnected .

Although everyone kept saying that Liu Buyan was the Number One Divine Doctor, but her instincts told her that such a serious injury like this was very hard to cure . Even if it could be cured… she would make Liu Buyan unable to cure it .

So just treat it that Feng Xiaoyan had received a lesson today! She would not further pursue any other matters .

She was really a magnanimous person!

Feng Zhensheng looked at her departing figure with a steely green expression and stomped his feet in fury as he too turned around and left!

Blue Profound Sect, Levitation Sword Palace .

The atmosphere for the past few days in Levitation Sword Palace had remained extremely heavy . The Three Great Guardians were in a haste as they left early and returned late daily, not even having any time to settle the Sect’s affairs .

Even Blue Profund Sect’s ordinary disciples detected that something was not right .

This day late in the night, a ninth stage realm peak practitioner’s powerful aura was suddenly felt from the entrance of Levitation Sword Palace’s door .

Cang Po Jun’s expression changed as he hurried to the entrance and when he saw the incoming person, he instantly gave an astonished look, “Liu… . Divine Doctor Liu?”

Liu Buyan was travel-worn as his breathing was uneven, apparently showing that he had been rushing all the way over .

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On seeing Cang Po Jun, his lips curled into a smile of ridicule as the first thing he asked was, “Where’s Li Moying? Has he died already?”

Cang Po Jun went into a short blank and suddenly recalled that the man standing in front of him was no longer his Sovereign’s best buddy . On the contrary, the two of them had just had a huge battle in front of Levitation Sword Palace over a week ago and this… was exactly the biggest reason which left Li Moying on the verge of death right now… . .

Momentarily, he couldn’t guess Liu Buyan’s intent in coming and he didn’t know if he should welcome Liu Buyan in with grandeur, or should he fight to his last moment of death, to obstruct him at the outside of Levitation Sword Palace!

However, not even waiting for his reply, Liu Buyan started to raise his voice to shout out, “Li Moying! Li Moying! Are you dead already?”

“Divine Doctor Liu, you… what are you trying to do? Sovereign has just laid down to rest…” Cang Po Jun tried to stop him in a hurry .

But it was already too late .

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Li Moying coughing was heard from the internal zone of Levitation Sword Palace, “Cough cough, Liu… . Liu Buyan! You actually… . actually still dare to step into Levitation Sword Palace!”

Liu Buyan faced upwards as he gave a lengthy laugh, “What a joke! Why wouldn’t I dare? Did you think that you’re still that unsurpassable Number One top exponent in the Continent? Just based on your half dead look now, what else do I not dare to? I specially came over to take a look at your dying look! Still dare to be as conceited as before?”

“I have to disappoint you!” Li Moying’s voice was hoarse but the suppression in his voice was not weak at all, “I’m still alive, so even if I really die, I’m still me!”

“Hehe, that’s so comical!”

Liu Buyan’s gaze turned cold as he took large strides into the internal zone of Levitation Sword Palace .

Cang Po Jun leapt forward to stop him .

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But Liu Buyan’s ability was far above his . After coming out with a palm strike with him, the former immediately utilised his footwork and dashed into Li Moying’s bedroom .

The room door was pushed open with a loud bang .

The first thing Liu Buyan saw was Li Moying who sat upright beside his bed .

He was dressed in a black sleeping robe and on his extraordinarily handsome looking face was a pair of peach blossomed eyes which had retained its brilliance, powerful and firm . His back was like a blade of a knife, straight, upright and indestructible .