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Published at 8th of December 2020 03:30:25 PM

Chapter 1936
Chapter 1936: Acting like a fool (12)

“On that actual day, it actually wasn’t Young Miss Bai who found trouble for Eldest Young Miss but Eldest Young Miss who brought along a group of people, wanting to chase Young Miss Bai out of the Alchemist Guild! Eldest Young Miss was worried that miscellaneous people would see that so she intentionally asked the few of us guards to chase people around the surroundings away . Hence when they had an argument, This Subordinate wasn’t around and wasn’t present either… . . ”

The guard was like beans which were pouring out of the bamboo tube as he spoke as fast as he could with all his might .

The Eldest had not expected that he would change his testimonial to tell the truth and it was totally different from the actual testimonial which he said earlier!

The main hall was silent for a few moments and immediately after that, various discussions were heard .

“What’s going on? Why is it that what he is saying now is different from what he said earlier?”

“Who is the bully? What is the real truth to this matter?”

“I am confused, who is the one up to mischief?”

Feng Zhensheng’s face grew gloomier as he flicked his sleeves hard, sweeping the tea set on the table onto the ground .

“What are you saying? The things that you said earlier were totally not like this! Why is it that you’ve changed your words now? Which sentence of yours is the truth?”

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The guard hurriedly replied, “What I’m saying now is the truth! The things which I said earlier was something which Eldest Young Miss and I had colluded together and came out with . She made me follow what she planned so that she could push the responsibility onto Young Miss Bai, causing her to be chased out of the Alchemist Guild!”

“Actually, Young Miss Bai is really very innocent . It was Eldest Young Miss who was jealous over Divine Doctor Liu and her relationship so she went to find trouble with her . This Subordinate didn’t know what they were talking about but they ended up fighting . Eldest Young Miss ordered the few of us to go in and capture Young Miss Bai . This Subordinate pushed Young Miss Bai to the corner of the wall and intended to capture her but we had not expected that there was a mechanism right there and not knowing what happened, it just suddenly caught fire… . . ”

The audience were all dumbstruck, not knowing what else should they say .

Huang Yueli then nodded and laughed, “Thank you this guard brother for telling the truth . That’s right, the situation was exactly like this and I merely don’t want to leave the Alchemist Guild only so I don’t know why it suddenly caught fire . I can only say that it was Young Miss Feng who had ran into bad luck!”

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Her words had just fallen when the female Pill Master suddenly started screaming, “No, the incident wasn’t like this! This guard is lying! Otherwise why would his testimonial be different from before? He only wanted to absolve himself from the crime hence he committed perjury!”

The young lady didn’t want to be hit with the crime of committing perjury so naturally she denied this with all her might .

When the guard heard that, he couldn’t help but sneer .

“Who is the one who is lying, you should know this clearly in your heart! That’s right, I retracted my testimony because I didn’t expect that after I helped Eldest Young Miss to settle her matters, when something happened, not only did Eldest Young Miss not have the ability to protect me, she even almost caused me to die! If everyone doesn’t believe me, you can ask all the guards who took part in saving her during the fire and if they found out about Eldest Young Miss’ doing, they will definitely tell the truth!”

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The Elders were all starting to reflect back as they all started to whisper into each other’s ears to discuss this .

Although the guard had suggested that they could find other witnesses, the oath he took which pointed his fingers to heaven seemed as though he was telling the truth .

But most of them were still unwilling to believe it . They had always thought highly of Eldest Young Miss Feng Xiaoyan but she had actually become such a vicious young lady with such profound intentions!

Not only had she gone to find trouble for Huang Yueli, even after she suffered retribution, she actually had an even more malicious intent to set a trap to frame her…

If this was the real truth, Feng Xiaoyan was a little too scary wasn’t it?