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Published at 18th of November 2020 02:25:21 PM

Chapter 1893

Liu Buyan lost his balance and kicked a small stone beside his feet .

The small stone knocked against the tree trunk and gave off a slight “pong” sound which was extremely soft .

But the surrounding people were all Blue Profound Sect’s direct disciples and all of them had extraordinary abilities so quite a number of them heard the strange soft noise .

“Hear that, there’s a noise coming from that side! Let’s head over there to take a look!”

“That’s right, this direction seems to have some blood stains! Could Junior Sister Bai be injured?”

“Let’s hurry over quickly and take a look!”

The group of young disciples crowded over towards the place where Liu Buyan was hiding .

Liu Buyan’s brows wound tightly as he was filled with impatience .

He was a ninth stage realm peak top exponent so naturally he wouldn’t be afraid of this group of young disciples who were merely in sixth or seventh stage realm cultivations . But he was now still in Blue Profound Sect’s territory and he was already heavily injured . Moreover he had to smuggle Li Moying’s fiancée out so he didn’t wish to complicate matters .

Luckily, quite a number of the large amount of medicinal pills which he had swallowed earlier had already started to take effect .

Liu Buyan swiftly came out with a decision .

He rolled up his sleeves and held Huang Yueli tightly in his arms, and at the same time, he tipped his toes and exhibited his body movement Profound Skills .

His tall figure dressed in white instantly floated up and like a ghostly figure, he shuttered past the sparse forest .

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“They’re there! Did you see that shadow over there! It’s Liu Buyan!”

“Heavens, the person who he’s carrying, it’s… . Junior Sister Bai??”

“Chase after them! Quickly chase after them!”

“Are you looking for death? Divine Doctor Liu is a ninth stage realm top exponent! Moreover, he’s so fast, we totally can’t catch up at all!”

“Hurry back to report to Guardian Jun!”

Huang Yueli’s head was covered by Liu Buyan’s white robe so she totally couldn’t see the situation outside and could only hear the young disciples’ intermittent screams .

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She wanted to cry but had no tears because no matter how she predicted, she had not expected things to have changed into this state!

Liu Buyan actually did something to her whereas she was actually so silly that she had fallen into his trap!

This time she’s a goner… surely Liu Buyan hadn’t really gone insane right? Where was he bringing her to?

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli felt a sluggish feeling around her chest area and her eyes blacked out as she lost consciousness .

Levitation Sword Palace .

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The night had fallen and Doctor Shangguan was seated in front of Li Moying’s bed with an extremely gloomy expression .

Cang Po Jun and the others didn’t even dared to pant loudly as they stood silently by the side, their hearts heavy with worry and apprehension .

Doctor Shangguan retracted the golden needles in his hand and spoke out softly, “After the emergency treatment, Sovereign should be able to regain his consciousness very soon but this is merely something which I had used the golden needles to forcibly summon the last thread of chance within his body . Actually, the degree of the damage on his primordial spirit is extremely serious and if this carries on, he probably won’t be able to hold on for more than a few months… . . ”

“What? How did it turn out like this? Could it be because the Sovereign had a battle with Liu Buyan?” Cang Po Jun’s face paled .

Doctor Shangguan replied solemnly, “I had already warned Sovereign the last time that based on his current condition, he totally shouldn’t fight with anyone at all! Moreover, it wouldn’t be that bad if it was a quick battle but he had fought with the opponent evenly for close to two hours! This is really treating his life as a joke! What else should I say?”

Luo Jiyun was so anxious that he almost cried and the minute he walked up, he wanted to kneel down to Doctor Shangguan, “Divine Doctor Shangguan, I’m begging you, please save Senior Brother . He’s still so young, and so talented, he… he cannot die!”