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Chapter 1894

Doctor Shangguan sighed and wanted to help Luo Jiyun up, but the latter refused to get up at all .

“Young Master Luo, please stand up quickly! It’s of no use even if you kneel down to me! I’ve already said this clearly the last time that Sovereign’s illness needs the Number One Divine Doctor to treat . But in the end Sovereign really did find Divine Doctor Liu but he had a fight with him, and ended up so seriously injured… . This… you’d better think of a way to persuade Divine Doctor Liu back instead?”

Doctor Shangguan had a helpless expression on his face .

If something really happened to Li Moying, the entire Blue Profound Sect would follow in his demise so of course he’d like to cure Li Moying as well wasn’t it? But his medical skills were limited and there was nothing that he could do .

The minute Doctor Shanggaun said that, everyone started to turn silent .

Especially for Cang Po Jun because when he saw Liu Buyan appearing at Levitation Sword Palace’s doors, he was elated with joy for a short moment, thinking that Liu Buyan had come over to mend things back with Li Moying, but whoever knew… . .

Cang Po Jun clenched his teeth, “How about this, later on I’d set off immediately and personally lead some men to look for Divine Doctor Liu . He’d also sustained heavy injuries and moreover, he carried Grandmaster Huang along with him so they definitely had not travelled too far away! We can request for Sky Emperor City to increase their security around the surroundings and search street by street, with the aim to abduct them back here!”

Just at this moment, Li Moying’s weak moaning was heard coming from the bed .

Everyone immediately crowded over .

Li Moying’s eyes were still tightly shut but his lips were mouthing the words, “Li… . Li’er… . . ”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly replied, “Sovereign, please recuperate in ease . This Subordinate will definitely bring Divine Doctor Liu back!”

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However, Li Moying was totally not interested in Liu Buyan’s whereabouts as he persistently questioned, “Li’er… where is Li’er? She really… . left with Liu Buyan… . . ”

Cang Po Jun didn’t know how to reply and just as he was being hesitant, Cang Po Yu joined in and spoke softly, “Sovereign, Grandmaster Huang had personally gone to pursue after Divine Doctor Liu . She’s worried that Divine Doctor Liu refused to give you treatment so she wanted to convince him personally… . . ”

Cang Po Jun and the others gave an enlightened look .

“That’s right, Grandmaster Huang also is friends with Divine Doctor Liu! With her persuasion, she should be able to persuade Divine Doctor Liu!”

“That’s right, Sovereign, please don’t worry and recuperate with peace of mind!”

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Earlier those few who had suspected that Huang Yueli had eloped all hung their heads down in shame, feeling that they really shouldn’t have let their imagination run wild .

Indeed, like what Cang Po Yu said, that was the most plausible explanation!

But in that kind of scenario earlier, Li Moying had fallen in front of Huang Yueli but yet the latter did not stop at all as she pursued after Li Moying’s enemy… . It was really easy to cause a misunderstanding .

Hearing what Cang Po Yu said, everyone thought that Li Moying should have a peace of mind .

However, Li Moying’s reaction became even more agitated as his eyes abruptly turned wide open and his arms propped up his weak and lethargic body, attempting to get down from the bed .

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Alas the internal injury he sustained was extremely serious . Just a simple movement like this almost caused him to fall off the bed .

Everyone quickly went up to hold him back .

“Sovereign, how can you come down from the bed at this kind of moment!”

“Lie down back quickly! I’ve had a hard time trying to regain your consciousness through acupuncture, can you stop tormenting us!”

Amid the flurry of chaos, Li Moying’s body trembled badly but the bitter glint beneath his eyes was still as penetrative and sharp as usual .

“No, I have to bring… . Li’er back, she can’t… . can’t be with Liu Buyan… absolutely not… . . ”