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Chapter 1892
Chapter 1892: Grandmaster Huang ran off with someone (5)

She exhausted all her strength to climb up from Liu Buyan’s body but unfortunately, Liu Buyan’s cultivation was much higher than hers and he had set a restraining order, which was something which the sixth stage realm Huang Yueli could not break through .

Liu Buyan looked at her comical wriggling look and instantly felt that his injuries weren’t in that much pain now .

His face revealed a smile, as he said, “Young Miss Bai, don’t waste your energy any longer and leave with me!”

Huang Yueli was unable to say a single word but her clear distinct bright eyes were filled with surprise and fury, as she stared viciously towards the man in front of him .

Liu Buyan lowered his head as he looked at her, a smitten expression flashed past his eyes .

His fingers gently covered Huang Yueli’s eyelids as he lowered his voice and sighed, “You have a beautiful pair of eyes, just like ‘her’ . No wonder… Li Moying likes you so much… . you’re really beautiful… . . ”

His slender long fingers slowly shifted and caressed her face .

The fury in his heart started spiralling, making Liu Buyan’s expression turn even more dangerous than before .

Huang Yueli’s face flushed bright red from his touches and she couldn’t help but gritted her teeth, wanting very much to avoid him but unfortunately had no way to move at all .

In the past, Liu Buyan had never done something so offensive to her and he had always been a suave and slightly casual man, although many people said that he was a cynical person and often fooled around, making many young ladies suffer from heartbreak over him .

But since it didn’t concern her, Huang Yueli just treated it as though it was nothing .

At the very least, in front of her, Liu Buyan had always been a big brother who was easy to talk to, and had always automatically avoided any actions which would cause suspicions .

She had never seen Liu Buyan with such a dangerous stance, filled with such an invasive side… . .

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“Bai Ruoli… I know you will hate me, but it doesn’t matter, I will not let you go . Anyway Li Moying will die very soon… . . ”

The gaze which Huang Yueli casted upon Liu Buyan was getting fiercer by the minute .

Liu Buyan ignored her gazde and instead held her delicate chin as he lifted her face and lowered his head, slowly going nearer and nearer to her… .

Huang Yueli looked at that handsome looking face coming near and her heart turned anxious, totally unable to hide away from him .

She could only silently recite in her mind that she was bitten by a dog and whoever dared to take liberties with her, she would show him some colours sooner or later!

Just as the both of them were just an inch away, suddenly, a flurry of anxious cries were heard, distinctively from the woods not too far away .

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“Young Miss Bai! Young Miss Bai!”

“Young Miss Bai, where are you?”

“Damn it, she doesn’t seem to be here as well! Junior Sister Bai is only in sixth stage realm cultivation, how does she run so quickly?”

“Senior Brother, why exactly are we searching for Junior Sister Bai for? Has she really ran away with Divine Doctor Liu? That Senior Brother Li… . isn’t he a little too pitiful! I heard that he was even injured by Divine Doctor Liu!”

“What rubbish are you sprouting? Guardian Jun asked us to search for her so we’d better conduct a proper search . Are Senior Brother Li’s matters something which we can conjure about?”

The sound in the woods was sometimes near and sometimes far but this group searched everywhere but eventually didn’t manage to walk towards Huang Yueli’s side .

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Huang Yueli was so anxious that she tried her best to shout out loud but the sounds that she made were only muffled cries .

Liu Buyan frowned slightly as he used his hand to cover Huang Yueli’s mouth so in this way, she couldn’t even make a teeny weeny bit of cry out at all .

Liu Buyan stretched out his hand to carry Huang Yueli as he got up and wanted to change to a better hiding spot .

But he hadn’t imagined that the injury on his leg wasn’t a slight one and he didn’t take into consideration the weight of the young lady in his arms .