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Chapter 1891: 1891
Chapter 1891: Grandmaster Huang ran off with someone (4)

Or perhaps, it would never be for him ever… . .

The minute Liu Buyan thought of that, his heart hardened and he stared intently at Huang Yueli as he said, “Even if Liu Buyan died, that would never be because of me!”

Huang Yueli blinked, “What do you mean?”

Liu Buyan looked at her clear and pure large eyes as he was struck into awe by the brilliance beneath it . At the same time, a spark of nameless fire fired up his heart making him speak without thinking through .

“Young Miss Bai, you’re really too innocent! Did you really believe that Li Moying likes you, and only you alone? He will pamper you forever? I’m telling you, there are tons of “ignorant” young ladies who were smitten by him! Do you know that he had once liked someone else? Do you know just how wild and devoted he was to that woman? In the end? He changed at once after seeing someone different and liked you, casting the previous one completely behind his mind?”

“Even though he had once loved that woman, who might still be suffering from torment in some corner of Soaring Heavens Continent, toiling herself day and night but he totally can’t feel it at all!”

“Li Moying… . he’s this kind of cold blooded and emotionless man! You’ve really seen him wrongly, and also loved the wrong person!”

Liu Buyan had totally not cared if he exposed Li Moying’s real identity, or even to the point where he did not consider just how shocking were the things that he had just mentioned, whether the young lady in front of him was able to accept it or not .

He only wanted to awaken Huang Yueli as soon as possible!

There were so many beautiful young ladies… . Why must they all choose to like Li Moying that scum, and yet none of them wished to take a look at Liu Buyan instead?

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, and blinked again .

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Initially, when she heard that Liu Buyan accused Li Moying with “changed at once on seeing someone different”, and then added with a “cold blooded and emotionless man”, she was rather clueless on what he was saying .

But as she heard more and more, she started to come around it as she couldn’t help but gave out an expression which looked as though she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry .

After half a day, Liu Buyan still didn’t realise that she was Huang Yueli herself? And he had assumed that Li Moying fell in love with another person?

The both of them were locked in Levitation Sword Palace for an entire afternoon and yet didn’t speak about this matter clearly? Could it be that the minute they met, they had already engaged in a fight? What was this considered as?

No matter what, they had been best buddies back then, so just how much of a grievance or feud did they have?

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Huang Yueli was moved for the first time and the person who she liked was Mu Chengying . Whereas in these two lifetimes, Mu Chengying was totally devoted to her .

It could be said that she was a blessed little Princess in love and had never been taken advantage of so naturally she could not understand the feelings where jealousy nibbled at the heart and the thinking to send their love rivals to death .

She wanted to clear things up in a hurry, “I say… . . Brother Liu, you’ve really mistaken! How could Moying possibly have a change of heart? Actually, him and I… . . ughh!”

When Huang Yueli just spoke out, she had not even completed two sentences when she suddenly felt a piercing pain on her chest .

Her eyes widened and realised that Liu Buyan had suddenly made a move, sealing her meridians .

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Huang Yeuli’s body instantly became weak and as she could not control her actions, she fell onto the ground!

Liu Buyan tugged on to her in time, pulling her onto him .

Huang Yueli banged onto his chest and although she wasn’t hurt from the fall, but she was in an extremely ambiguous position, as she fell into Liu Buyan’s arms .

Whereas it was Liu Buyan himself who originally was already injured, and after this knock, he was in so much pain that he almost fainted!

“Uh… . uh uh!”

Huang Yueli tried her best to speak out but unfortunately she could only make muffling moans .