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Chapter 1890: 1890
Chapter 1890: Grandmaster Huang ran off with someone (3)

But he had not expected that things actually developed to such a step… .

Earlier when the both of them lost their rationality and only wanted to risk everything to kill the other party, they totally didn’t hold back at all .

If it wasn’t for Huang Yueli’s sudden appearance… . .

Liu Buya suddenly recalled that earlier when he left, Li Moying’s condition had worsened to the maximum limit and moreover from the way he held onto his head, apparently his primordial spirit seemed to have suffered an even more serious injury .

Whereas Li Moying didn’t have any miracle medicine which he had concocted with him… . .

In this way, would he really have died on the spot?

Liu Buyan started to become a little flustered but for him to take a step back to head back and do a consultation for Li Moying, he began to feel a little unresigned .

In the past he had said this before, that he would not bother about Li Moying’s life or death! Moreover Li Moying was stubborn enough as he had never once begged him . So what would become of him if he just sent himself over dryly?

Moreover speaking, if he saved Li Moying, wasn’t it granting him a chance to snatch the woman who he liked?

“Liu… . Liu Buyan! I’ve finally… . finally caught up to you!”

Young lady’s crisp and clear voice was heard from not too far away and immediately following that, a fit of hurried footsteps sounded .

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Liu Buyan was stunned as he turned his head back in astonishment and saw that it was actually Huang Yueli who flew right towards him from the forest!

“You… . Young Miss Bai, why have you come over… . . ”

Wasn’t Li Moying the person whom this young lady liked? Why did she leave the heavily injured Li Moying, to chase after him?

Huang Yueli ran towards him and spoke out while panting heavily, “Liu Buyan, you… . you’re too much! Moying he, he’s at least your best buddy for so many years . Have you forgotten that year when you two became sworn brothers in Levitation Sword Palace, and said that you will share life and death? Why did you… why did you deal him with such a heavy hand?”

“He’s suffered from such a serious injury, I’m afraid… so afraid that he will… no, you get up and follow me back to give him treatment right now!”

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The instance Liu Buyan saw Huang Yeuli, his heart was filled with joy .

The girl he liked chased after him without a care for anything else and it really gave him a misperception, as though… . she really was here for him . As though he was the beloved lover whom she had painstakingly pursued after… . .

However, the minute Huang Yueli opened her mouth, it completely shattered his beautiful dream .

She came because of Li Moying! She headed over with her internal injury, forcing herself to chase him along the way for ten over miles, was totally not because she had any unusual feelings towards him, but… . for that man inside Levitation Sword Palace!

No wonder she chased after him . She was already engaged to Li Moying and for her, Li Moying had even forsaken Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Lord, Huang Yueli whom he loved dearly in his past life!

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She… . how could she just fall in love with anyone else just because of a few chance encounters?

Only thing was she was fuming mad, and that dainty look where she ordered people by pointing to the chin, was simply too alike to the Huang Yueli sixteen years ago…

Huang Yueli realised that he kept on staring at him but didn’t reply a single word and she couldn’t help but became even more anxious .

“Liu Buyan! Divine Doctor Liu! I beg you, please do us some good! You should already know that Moying is diagnosed with the Soul Detachment Illness and his primordial spirit is originally extremely weak and yet you still gave him such a fatal blow! He will really die! Can you really watch with your bare eyes that your past best buddy, die because of you?”

Liu Buyan heard her repeated questions and his head grew even more melancholic!

No matter how this young lady’s pleading stance made one feel pitiful towards her, or how sweet and gentle her voice sounded like, it was eventually not for him!