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Chapter 1889: 1889
Chapter 1889: Grandmaster Huang ran off with someone (2)

Cang Po Jun took a look and couldn’t help but lose his composure .

“Huang… Grandmaster Huang, you’re… . where are you going off to?”

However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t reply him . Instead she didn’t even turn her head back as she pursued after the direction where Liu Buyan had left in .

Li Moying heard Cang Po Jun’s cries and forcibly lifted up his head and saw Huang Yeuli chasing after Liu Buyan as her skirt fluttered while she left .

He was filled with terror and clutched his chest as he almost started to go into convulsion!

Under the pretext that he and Liu Buyan had crossed hands, ending up with both of them suffering heavy losses, not only did Huang Yeuli not come over to take a look at him, she even… chased after Liu Buyan as he left!

Why… why did it end up like this??

Li Moying moaned softly, “Li… Li’er, come… . Come back… . . ”

But his injuries were simply too heavy and under the situation that he was anxious and angered, his blood flowed back causing him to faint directly .

“Sovereign, Sovereign, what’s the matter?”

“Men, quick! Why hasn’t Doctor Shangguan arrived yet?”

After a flustering moment, at the same time the people who chased after Huang Yueli also returned and the result was, they naturally weren’t able to chase up to the both of them .

Cang Po Hun shook as he asked, “Big… Big Bro, surely Grandmaster Huang hasn’t… . . eloped with Divine Doctor Liu right?”

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Cang Po Jun berated with a steely green face, “Shut up! Are we fit to discuss Master’s matters?”

However, even he himself was filled with terror inside . Li Moying had been heavily injured by Liu Buyan and this kind of injury itself was extremely serious, not to mention that his primordial spirit was damaged so he was originally weaker than ordinary people .

Seeing the way that Li Moying collapsed, perhaps even Divine Doctor Shangguan found it hard to save him .

Even if he was saved successfully… now that Huang Yueli ran off with Liu Buyan, when Li Moying awoken, he would probably not be able to take this kind of blow right?!

The small path in the mountains, Liu Buyan staggered as he trudged towards the inside of the forest .

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It was until he had left Blue Profound Sect for ten over miles when he stopped in his tracks and disappointedly leaned against a huge tree truck, panting heavily with all his might .

His hands trembled as he retrieved a large amount of medicinal pills from his realm ring and stuffed it inside his mouth .

Invaluable ninth grade medicinal pills were akin to the cheapest sweets, stuffed into his mouth by the handfuls .

Earlier in front of his two lifetime love rival Li Moying, he didn’t want to show his weak side so he had been putting on a brave front earlier . Actually, the internal injury which he suffered from was not much different from Li Moying’s .

Thunder attribute was indeed the number one strongest attack attribute and Li Moying was indeed the unsurpassed genius who had outstanding innate talent and comprehension so even though his cultivation was far from Liu Buyan, but every single move and strike he made was still filled with murderous intent .

Based on ninth stage realm first level’s cultivation, going up against a ninth stage realm peak top exponent, he still wasn’t at a disadvantage!

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Liu Buyan was coerced and hung on a life and death thread by him several times .

“Ughh… Mu Chengying… . wrong, it’s Li Moying… even though you had reincarnated and your primordial spirit is damaged but you’re still so powerful… . . ” He leaned against the tree trunk as he shook his head and sighed .

His heart was filled with complicated emotions .

Even though both of them were love rivals and he had already decided that he had nothing to do with Li Moying anymore, but he had never once thought of making Li Moying die… . .

Their many years of friendship wasn’t phony and even though they appeared to have severed their ties on the surface, they would still silently keep track of the other party .

Mu Chengying had successfully reincarnated and moreover his innate talent was still that outstanding so originally Liu Buyan was silently glad for him .