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Chapter 93.1
Chapter 93: Understand and eating failure (Part 1)

Lin Xiang reach the highest position in the government official because he is good in a debate. However, when it comes to women’s tongue, he doesn’t know how he will compete with them.

Additionally, he didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu would act like this. So, he didn’t prepare anything at all in advance!

Lin Xiang was thinking to use some righteous words to counterattack Lin Chujiu and make her responsible for Lin Wanting’s injury. However, Lin Chujiu suddenly wipe her eyes and acted like she was very shameful: “Father, this daughter has been ignoring your teachings. And this daughter’s selfishness is too much. But, when I learn about what happened at home, I really got worried. So, can father forgive this daughter once and let me see my meimei?”

After Lin Chujiu finished saying those words, she looks very honest and sincere.

Yea, talking

about family affairs right now is really a selfish thing!

Lin Xiang’s mind is not functioning any better, and this time, his face has slightly distorted, because… …

Once again, Lin Chujiu has blocked his plan. He wanted her to be accountable for Lin Wangting’s injury, but his plan ended just like that. So seriously, her selfishness is too much!

Although Lin Chujiu is a princess, she is also a woman. And the women in this world are extremely demanding and selfish. But sometimes, they can also be forgiving.

Lin Chujiu’s selfishness is acceptable and understandable. But, if it’s Lin Xiang, then it’s a different case. After all, he is not only a man but also a prime minister. So, if his selfishness will be exposed, then his political opponents won’t let him go.

Lin Xiang is not so bored in life to eat such failure.

And because he doesn’t want to eat such failure,

failure, Lin Xiang didn’t dare to oppose Lin Chujiu’s words. Instead, he look at her with a more dignified image and busily said: “Wangfei’s words are too heavy. Caring for your family is only normal. So, this, I can understand.”

He not only want to avoid eating failure, but also want to bring Lin Chujiu a big hat (humiliation). But still, he feels like he’s eating a fly, so he wants to vomit.

“As long as my father can understand and doesn’t blame me for being selfish. That is good enough.” Lin Chujiu lifted up her handkerchief and patted the corner of her eyes with it. And soon, her eyes redden.

“What an expert.” Su Cha couldn’t help but praise.

He thought Lin Chujiu were only pretending to cry. So, who would have thought that she can also make her eyes red, as if she was “wronged”.

Women’s tears are a natural born weapons. But,

weapons. But, if a woman tried to hold her tears, a person would felt even more distressed. Lin Chujiu didn’t use her tears to gain the people’s sympathy, her tears didn’t fall, but the people felt bad for no reason.

After controlling the situation again and again. Lin Chujiu now finally decided to get back to her business. Lin Chujiu turn around, then she looks at the people and started discussing their concern to Lin Xiang.

“Father, these scholar students had gathered in front of the Xiao Wangfu and plead justice for these people. But, because Wangye’s old disease reoccurred, he has no way to deal with them. And because I am woman, I don’t understand political affairs. I’m afraid that if I help them, I would only make things worst. So, I decided to bring these people in the Lin Fu and request father’s guidance.”

Lin Chujiu said while watching Lin Xiang’s watching Lin Xiang’s facial expression. And in the end, she continues to say: “I know father can get in trouble because of this, but I can’t think of another way. They said the court official’s corrupted the dead soldier’s pension, causing their families to live in poverty. And because of helplessness, they even had to sell their children.”

“These old women cannot intervene with political affairs, but if it’s father, I know you can take care of this issue because you are faithful and devoted to our country. Father has taught me and my meimei to live with clean conscience, to not act arrogant and to not oppressed the other people. So, knowing that these people have grievances, I ventured and brought them here to ask for father’s help. Father, these people’s husband, brother and son died protecting our country. We cannot let those heroes die in vain.”

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