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Lin Chujiu said as if it were true that Lin Xiang doesn’t put money above the others. And as if Lin Xiang is a selfless man that will sacrifice everything just to have a peace in the world.

Hearing all these, Lin Xiang tried to pull his skin in the face to smile.

He has long been working as a feather boy in the palace. So, these words won’t make him feel moved… …

He’s not moved, but the ordinary people that were with the scholar students felt moved. The ordinary people started kneeling one by one on the ground and shouted: “Prime Minister Lin, please help us seek justice.”

“Xiao Wangfei’s words are right. We cannot let those soldiers die in vain,”

The onlookers don’t know what is going on, but they also join in and started shouting. The other scholar students know how fierce is the situation, so they didn’t dare to shout. However, Liu Yongsheng… …

His real purpose is to destroy Xiao Tianyao’s reputation. And this heated situation is his chance.

Liu Yongsheng kneels on the ground with a loud sound and shouted: “Prime Minister Lin, please seek justice for our dead soldiers and reveal that the corrupted officials were our Eastern God of War’s people. Xiao Wangye is so powerful, so our court official doesn’t dare to hear this case. So, please, Prime Minister Lin, open up a trial and sweep clean all those corrupt officials.” 

Liu Yongsheng’s real purpose is to engage Xiao Tianyao in this smelly corruption case. So that Lin Xiang won’t get in trouble. And if Lin Xiang won’t get in trouble, then he doesn’t have to worry about himself.

There are several scholars students that want to follow what Liu Yongsheng did. But, it’s true that Xiao Wangye is powerful. So in the end, they didn’t dare to kneel and shout. And only let Lin Xiang deal with him.

With the sudden reversal of the situation, the onlookers got dumbfounded.

Didn’t Xiao Wangfei just plead for these people? So, how come in just a blink of an eye, she became like an evil creature that trying to oppress these people?

Many onlookers started whispering because they don’t know what’s really going on. Because of their reactions, Lin Xiang eyes suddenly light up and thought of something. Lin Xiang cough twice and raise his hand to indicate the people to keep quiet. The crowd immediately silence themselves due to curiosity.

“Everyone rest assured, this official, has served the country for decades. Never trembled in fear and has a clear conscience. I’ll dare not say that I have done so many things, but I’ll dare to say that I won’t sit idly and ignored this case. Whoever that person sitting behind this corruption, I, Lin Xiang will not be afraid to punish him according to the law.” 

All the people around Lin Xiang understand the meaning of his words. But, it seems Lin Chujiu didn’t hear anything. After all, she agreed: “Wangye said that father is an unselfish government official and a good model to all future generations, which is true. And because Father has such qualities, Xiao Wangye also said that father will definitely come forward to take this case and will pull out all those corrupt officials to throw them in the Yellow River.”


Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva as his face flashed with a trace of embarrassment. However, he soon tried to be calm and said: “Xiao Wangye’s words are too heavy. This official receives salaries to the emperor, so it’s only normal to serve the country loyally.” This praises from Xiao Wangye doesn’t seem sound good.

Lin Xiang got upset and very disturbed. He and Xiao Tianyao are father and son-in-law. But, he tried accusing and shame him in public. However, Xiao Wangye did not. So, surely everyone will be doubtful.

“I agree with what father says, government officials take the emperor’s money as a salary. So, they must serve this country loyally. This country belongs to the Emperor. All the people that live in this country is the Emperor’s subject. But those officials that have been authorized by the Emperor to serve his people only abuse their power. They didn’t work hard in serving his people, they only seek fame and fortune. They should feel sorry for the Emperor. The Emperor trusted them so much, but they… … I think they should be beheaded!”

Lin Chujiu tried to say those righteous words as representative of Xiao Wangfu. Which shows that Xiao Wangfu has a righteous attitude.

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