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After one of the old people received the tea, Xiao Wangfu’s servants started pouring the tea and handed to the ordinary people one after another.

The ordinary people have no gallbladder to drink the tea, so they don’t want to accept it. However, Xiao Wangfu’s servants refused to leave until they take it.

The situation is deadlocked, so the troubled ordinary people look at Liu Yongsheng to know what should they do. But, what about Liu Yongsheng?

Liu Yongsheng himself doesn’t know what to do. So, he only looks at the tea in front of him while feeling bitter.

Princess Xiao is really wise. He deliberately made trouble, but he was the one who ended up troubled. He really need to be careful, he cannot confessed who’s the people behind this event, but he also cannot offend Princess Xiao. In the end, does he still have a way out?

Lin Chujiu didn’t speak, she just looks at Liu Yongsheng. But, her eyes have a touch of a smile.

Having identity is naturally an advantage. Because ordinary people feared the noble. So the more she tried to be polite, the more these people will be troubled.

Lin Chujiu haven’t said anything, so Xiao Wangfu’s servants didn’t dare to step back and just keep pouring the tea. The ordinary people didn’t dare to get angry, even if their hands were already trembling from holding the tea cup.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu doesn’t love torturing people. Especially, torturing one of their people.

“Scholar Liu, you don’t need to be so polite. There’s nothing wrong in seeking justice. And it’s only just a cup of tea, right?” Lin Chujiu simply said, but obviously, she’s forcing him to drink.

“Thank you, Princess Xiao.”Liu Yongsheng said while the corner of his mouth is twitching. With that, he no longer dare to refuse to drink. However, while he was drinking, he suddenly heard Lin Chujiu said: “Scholar Liu, please drink all of it. Divine Doctor Mo made this tea, it’s worth drinking. You will definitely have an excellent health after this. You don’t need to worry about getting poisoned.”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what Liu Yongsheng will do next in the future. So, she said to be safe.

“Someone come, bring me a cup of tea too.” If a dignified princess like her also drank, these people will not be worried to be poisoned, right?

“Wangfei didn’t leave any loopholes. I’m afraid with this, these people have nothing to fear.” Su Cha secretly reminiscing the day he and Xiao Tianyao talked about Lin Chujiu. That day, Xiao Tianyao told him that Lin Chujiu is not the same as the rumors say. She is not arrogant, stupid and coldhearted.

While in front of everyone, Lin Chujiu drink a cup of tea. Then, she said half a joke and half serious: “In fact, I am not thirsty, but… … I am afraid that someone might said they got poisoned while drinking Xiao Wangfu’s tea. So, in order to avoid that thing to happened. I also drink for Scholar Liu to see that even though I’m sick, I am feeling better. So, Scholar Liu will be fine too.”

Her body is not in a good health, but sometimes it’s very useful. So, Lin Chujiu once again blocked another future problem.

“Princess Xiao you laughed.” Liu Yongsheng gritted his teeth and angrily drink all of his tea.

Divine Doctor Mo made this tea? It’s worth drinking? This is simply a honeysuckle tea! You Liar!

“No need to rush.” After saying those, Lin Chujiu handed the cup of tea to the servant and said: “Go ahead and tell them to hurry the steam bread. If they can’t make it in time, You can buy outside. We can’t let these people starve.”

If the bread is not steamed properly, it won’t turn out good. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to let these people eat something bad from Xiao Wangfu.

Food is the easiest to tamper. She won’t let such trivial thing to cause them trouble.

“This slave will go to the street and buy.” Xiao Wangfu’s servant are also very witty. He immediately went to street to buy. Liu Yongsheng’s group wanted to blocked the servant, but they cannot stop him because… …

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