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Liu Yongsheng who led the big commotion in front the Xiao Wangfu got dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Princess Xiao is so capable of turning the good into a bad. Obviously, they didn’t do anything wrong, so how come it became their fault ah?

However, her statement has more pressure than theirs, which makes them unable to answer.

The scholar students don’t want to back down, but they don’t want to be accountable for Xiao Tianyao’s old disease recurrence.

So, Liu Yongsheng and several more people tried to explain. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to give them another opportunity, so she interrupted their words by saying: “This princess is sick, Prince Xiao’s disease reoccurred. Please give us some quietness to rest. No more shouting. If you want to say something, just tell me calmly.”

Lin Chujiu simply said. She didn’t accuse them of bullying, she just simply states that she is sick and Xiao Tianyao is disabled once again.

“Princess Xiao, this is… …”Liu Yongsheng took another initiative to open his mouth, but Lin Chujiu interrupted him once again. And this time, Lin Chujiu completely ignored his presence and just said a bit louder: “Ok, ok, let’s do it like this. I’ll bring out ink stick and paper. Then, write down all of your grievances.”

“Huh … …?” Hearing her words, the crowd got dumbfounded.

She told them to drink tea, eat steam bread and now write their grievances? In the end, what is she trying to do? Will it cost another trouble for them?

“What I mean is, although Prince Xiao needs to rest. Prince Xiao won’t just sit idly and do nothing if he learns all of your grievances. So, just boldly write them down. Rest assured, Prince Xiao will definitely read them all.” Lin Chujiu tried to make her words sounds so righteous. She tried her best to distance Xiao Tianyao in their accusations. too And in fear that the people might not understand her intentions, Lin Chujiu made up a situation.

“I think most of you still don’t know what happened on the court. After our good gracious emperor learn that Prince Xiao hurt his legs. His Highness ordered Prince Xiao to rest at home and recuperate. His Highness also said that Prince Xiao doesn’t need to worry about the court issues. So, I really can’t understand what you’re doing.”

Lin Chujiu pause for a moment and look at the scholar students that incited the commotion. After seeing the stupid reaction in their face, Lin Chujiu smile in satisfaction.

“But rest assured, Prince Xiao has a lot of people. So, even though he was told to recuperate at home. With all your written down grievances, Prince Xiao will definitely send people to the court to find out the truth.” Liu Yongsheng was about to interrupt Lin Chujiu. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t pay attention to him and just finished saying her words.

“Prince Xiao was told to recuperate at home?” In the crowd, a scholar who was dressed in Tsing Yi asked. But, when he said those words, his thin body was trembling. So obviously, that person doesn’t clearly know anything.

“Only the government and military officials should see it. But well, someone come, bring out the imperial edict of the Emperor!” Lin Chujiu completely doesn’t want Liu Yongsheng to get a chance. So, she wanted to bring out her hidden card.

“No, no, you don’t have to.” Liu Yongsheng busily refused. And who knows if it was only a coincidence, but when he just opened his mouth, Xiao Wangfu’s servants bring out tables and chairs in a row. The servants put them one step below Lin Chujiu. So, just in case the people suddenly rush, she won’t get harm.

“You had spoken for half of the day now, you must be feeling thirsty. Please, drink a cup of tea first to moisten your throat. So, when the people that will bring ink stick and paper finally arrive, you can tell them your grievances more in detailed.”  Lin Chujiu said and handed the cup of tea to one of the old people in the front.

These people are only ordinary people, their knowledge is very limited. Unlike those scholar students that had learned “Poetry and Literature”. They can write on their own.

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