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But still, it doesn’t mean that Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how to express her hatred. So one day, when Mo Yuer enters the room to bring the herbs to where Xiao Tianyao is having his medicinal bath. Lin Chujiu pretended that she wants to chat with her: “Miss Mo looks so delicate and weak. I cannot imagine seeing you suffer. I’ve been only taking care Wangye for several days now but I’m already feeling tired. So, what more when you’re assisting Doctor Mo to take care all the injured patients and massaging their acupuncture points. I’m sure it must be really hard for you.”

“I never did.” Mo Yuer simply said. She is not a fool, Lin Chujiu’s words might sound very concern, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand her deep meaning. But still, it’s not really necessary to explain too much.

“Miss Mo, you don’t need to explain. I understand you, I really understand you. Gender is not important to doctors, I remember you said that. You don’t really need to mind Wangye, he’s just being stingy.” Doing this to Mo Yuer, Lin Chujiu felt really refreshing. After all, Divine Doctor Mo is trying to oppress her recently, but it’s actually nothing much.

You dare to bully me? Then, I’ll let your daughter lose her face in front of her beloved man.

“I never did.” Mo Yuer still replied the same words. But this time, her voice got a bit louder, as if she’s trying to emphasize something.

Lin Chujiu immediately reacted like a fool: “Miss Mo, try to lower your voice. In the capital, if you suddenly raise your voice. You will easily frighten the others. Because being loud is a very rude behavior.”

*Boom *

Mo Yuer’s cheeks immediately flushed and bite her lips as if she was wronged. Then, her watery eyes silently look at Xiao Tianyao as if she is waiting for him to say a word or two to defend her.

Unfortunately, Xiao Tianyao only closes his eyes and focus in resisting the pain he felt during his medicinal bath. So, how can he bother thinking about Mo Yuer?

Of course, Xiao Tianyao can sometimes be thoughtful, but not to Mo Yuer.

Lin Chujiu secretly glanced at Xiao Tianyao, but she only sees him frowning. This situation is enough to end their conversation, so Lin Chujiu said: “Miss Mo, I already added the herbs, do you need to do something else?” If you don’t, then leave now.

“I haven’t tried massaging acupuncture points, so I haven’t seen anyone else’s body.” Mo Yuer said, but not in front of Lin Chujiu. She was facing Xiao Tianyao.

After Mo Yuer finished, she turned around to go outside. But, because she didn’t walk so fast, she was able to hear Lin Chujiu’s words: “If she hasn’t, then how can she identify the acupuncture points to an actual person? My master taught me using a book, but he also let me practice with him. And if Miss Mo haven’t tried massaging acupuncture points, then how did she know the actual strength that needed to use?” 

Lin Chujiu is talking to herself, but Xiao Tianyao who is soaking in the bath and Mo Yuer who is listening almost stumbled. After all, they understand the meaning of her words.

In short, Lin Chujiu is trying to put a mud on Mo Yuer’s face in front of Xiao Tianyao. A mud that can never be washed away.

Lin Chujiu’s mood turns good, so she happily opens the “Chu Ci” to read. And because she is feeling happy, her voice also turn very lovely. So, her listener felt good too.

Xiao Tianyao’s brow gradually relaxes and got adapted to the pain. Then, he said: “Happy?”

“Mmm,” Lin Chujiu know what Xiao Tianyao is actually asking, so she added: “Wangye, rest assured, I have a sense of propriety.” It won’t harm you, so just relax.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao had no doubt about that.

Lin Chujiu is not only a reasonable woman but also a reassuring one. So, if he will go to the battlefield and she was on his rear, he will feel very assured.

Of course, the most important premise is that he cannot be killed, nor defeated.

However, if he will be defeated or killed, he is sure that this woman will certainly find him away to turn the tides… …

Because she has always been so smart and sensible!

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