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Xiao Tianyao is a natural overbearing and self-centered man. He is trying to learn how he will show his respect to Lin Chujiu, but it doesn’t mean that he will stop putting and hold her in his palm like a baby pet.

Whenever Prince Xiao is unhappy, Lin Chujiu’s existence seems to be less important. So, no matter how unhappy Lin Chujiu is feeling right now, Housekeeper Cao could only give her the copy of Chu Ci, the songs of Chu. And Lin Chujiu herself could only accept them.

But even though she is unhappy, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what to do. Lin Chujiu knows very well how to adjust her emotions. So, when she accepted the book. She immediately moves a stool and sits beside Xiao Tianyao to the read the “CHU CI”.

When Lin Chujiu opens the book, she noticed that the version of CHU Ci in this era is exactly the same to her era. So even if there is no punctuations inlcuded in the book, she can read them without any pressure.

Lin Chujiu is not trying her best to recite the poem properly because her listener is not an affectionate man. On the other hand, her pronunciation sounds very clear, there are some broken sentences but Xiao Tianyao doesn’t find it reasonable to pick a fight on her. Instead, he felt like listening to her is quite interesting. And because of that, his body gradually calms down.

In the views of normal husband and wife, Lin Chujiu’s life look very difficult. But, she can completely go along with him.

Because of that, Lin Chujiu’s work increased. Everyday she need to massage Xiao Tianyao’s legs for half an hour and then read a poem for him during his medicinal bath.

Every day, Lin Chujiu reads a poem for him for about an hour. So, after four to five days,  her voice started sounded ugly. Lin Chujiu tried to pull a chance to talk about it to Xiao Tianyao. But, someone like Mo Yuer cannot just replace her.

So in these passed few days, Mo Yuer was looking at her with her eyes that were  full of resentment and dissatisfaction. As if she had stolen something very important to her.

To tell the truth, in these passed few days, Lin Chujiu felt a little regretful. After all, she took the initiative to go to this Jing Tian Courtyard to steal a one or two stoke to heal his legs and not just to spend a moment with him. But in this four to five days, she didn’t learn anything useful to improve his case. Instead, she keeps reading and reviewing this CHU CI that simply can kill her from boredom.

If she had known that she will end up like this, she wouldn’t have come to this Jing Tian Courtyard and destroy Divine Doctor Mo’s plan to make his daughter and Xiao Tianyao closed together.

And if only Mo Yuer is not difficult to get along with , Lin Chujiu will let her to know that she doesn’t want to go to Xiao Tianyao anymore and read him a poem. But, she also doesn’t want to push her work to others.

Lin Chujiu just recovered her mind, when Xiao Tianyao suddenly said: “Let Doctor Mo give you some boiled medicine. Benwang believes your voice will be restored by then tomorrow.”

When did he become stupid ah? Every day she reads him a poem, so does he think her throat won’t suffer?

Xiao Tianyao would like to dare and use his legs to bet. With his words earlier, Lin Chujiu would definitely do something in private to heal herself just to avoid such thing to happen.

And because of it, Lin Chujiu who knows that she cannot refuse him decided to heal her throat and maintain her voice in a good condition. Anyway, she doesn’t want to sound like an old aunt.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed. This time, Divine Doctor Mo adjusted his treatment remedy. So, Lin Chujiu not only need to massage Xiao Tianyao’s legs for hour but also massage his upper extremities and body for also an hour.

He just want me to die in tiredness, right? 

Massaging for two hours? Seriously, when did I become a professional masseuse ah?

However, Divine Doctor Mo made his words sound righteous and explain that it will help Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu herself is a doctor. So, it’s very impossible not to know if Divine Doctor Mo is deliberately making things hard for her or not. Well, she doesn’t need to bother much Divine Doctor Mo in his medical procedure. After all,  if Xiao Tianyao’s legs got heal, the person who will benefited the most is herself.

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