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Chapter 81.2
Chapter 81: Bond and Prince Xiao is unhappy (Part 2)

“When did benwang didn’t tolerate seeing you? Or did someone from Xiao Wangfu show disrespect to you?” Xiao Tianyao knitted his eyebrows then tried to filter the people Lin Chujiu met inside his mind. When he finished, all he could think of is Liu Bai.

When it comes to the woman he doesn’t like, Liu Bai can really get outrageous.

“Wangye, is that true?” Lin Chujiu’s eyes light up, she doesn’t care about what Xiao Tianyao thinks. She only want him to make a promise.

“What is true?” Xiao Tianyao’s thought was interrupted, but he was thinking to talk with Su Cha and Liu Bai later. If Liu Bai still won’t learn how to communicate properly, he doesn’t mind using his fist just to help him improve.

“I can stay in Xiao Wangfu? You

won’t take my life?” Lin Chujiu asked carefully because she’s worried that Xiao Tianyao might change his mind.

“When did benwang said he’ll take your life?” This time, Xiao Tianyao got very confused.

If he wanted to take Lin Chujiu’s life, Lin Chujiu won’t still be alive now, right?

After all, there’s no need for discussion if he really want a person to die

“You … … threatened me before… … It was a lie?” Lin Chujiu’s jaw almost drops and this time, her hands stopped from massaging.

You really shouldn’t do two things at one time!

“Yes.” he said: “It’s a lie.” Now, he can only deny because if he wouldn’t what else he could say in front of her.

This time, Lin Chujiu cannot deny the warmth she felt. So, she smiles then ask: “You won’t kill me, is that really true?”

“Mmm.” It’s still very early

early to say that he doesn’t really want her life, but it’s not necessary to tell her that.

“Wangye, you’re really a great person.” Lin Chujiu’s gloomy face got swept away, she now looks like a child that doesn’t care about anything.

However, even if she no longer care, it doesn’t mean that Xiao Tianyao wouldn’t care. Their original topic had gone too far, so Xiao Tianyao tried to pull it back because he hasn’t forgotten his real intention.

“Why are you feeling unhappy before?”

“Before?” Lin Chujiu got froze stiff because she knows what Xiao Tianyao is actually asking. Lin Chujiu bitterly smile, then softly said: “I’m just being sensitive, it’s nothing serious.”

 “Speak,” Xiao Tianyao asks, he won’t allow Lin Chujiu to change the topic again.

When Lin Chujiu glanced at Xiao Tianyao, she finds him serious, so she said: “Wangye, I was

I was unhappy because of your attitude.”

Benwang’s attitude!?

Xiao Tianyao knitted his eyebrows because he doesn’t feel anything wrong about his attitude. He’s always like this, right?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t expect Xiao Tianyao, a self centered prince would understand how an orphan would feel. So, she tried to explain.

“Wangye, I know you value Doctor Mo and Miss Mo, so you will naturally respect them. But also please remember that I am your wife. So, please try to respect me once or twice. And please, don’t try to treat me like one your people in front of others.”

When Lin Chujiu finished, her eyes fell on Xiao Tianyao’s legs once again.

Xiao Tianyao is not a fool, he might can’t understand women but he experiences a lot of darkness in life. So, it can be said that he understands what Lin Chujiu is saying, even is saying, even though he doesn’t know what exactly is wrong… …

“Just now, did you think benwang treated you like a maidservant?” Xiao Tianyao gritted his teeth and couldn’t wait… … to slap dead Lin Chujiu.

A stupid woman will always be stupid and hopeless! 

When did he ever treat her as maidservant ah?

Lin Chujiu was the first and only woman who had a close contact with his body. If he was only treating her like one of his people, does she think she can get close to him like this?

Not to mention… … pulling his clothes and giving him a massage? However, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to say these things. So, how Lin Chujiu will know?

Lin Chujiu look very confused while staring at Xiao Tianyao. Totally unaware that it was her own doing that’s why this War of God is getting angry… …

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