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Xiao Tianyao never waved in his decisions, but in this matter, he becomes hesitant. And this time, he really doesn’t know what to decide.

Should he ask her why she’s unhappy or not?

But… … his mind is telling him not to ask.

Who is he anyway? And who is Lin Chujiu? With his identity, is it really necessary for him to care if Lin Chujiu is unhappy?

But, even though his mind is telling him that, he couldn’t control his feeling. He really wanted to figure out what is the cause of her unhappiness, so that he can avoid doing that next time.

“Ahem … …” Xiao Tianyao slightly coughs while telling to himself that he just wanted to collect her options. So that when he encountered the same case, he could figure out what to do.

“Wangye, do you feel uncomfortable in your throat? Do you want to drink water?” Lin Chujiu lifted up her eyes and calmly look at Xiao Tianyao. But, her eyes are slightly reddish, so her real feelings were revealed.

“You’re unhappy?” Xiao Tianyao no longer hesitated and ask directly.

“Huh?” With Xiao Tianyao sudden question, Lin Chujiu got stunned.

“Why?” Xiao Tianyao asked again so that Lin Chujiu won’t escape.

“What is it again?” Lin Chujiu’s brain stops from functioning, so she really couldn’t figure him out.

“Why are you unhappy?” Since he already asked a couple times, Xiao Tianyao no longer feels embarrassed.

Lin Chujiu finally understand. But then, she only stared back at his legs and continues massaging, before saying: “I am not unhappy.” More like she was full of grievances.

After all, she was an orphan that was sent alone in this foreign country, but she was experiencing a lot of discrimination. Although she was an immigrant to M Country, she was treated fairly by those people. There were equal rights and freedom. It was Chinese people’s common attitude. Even foreigners were telling that they were too nice.

But of course, there are some racists too. However, Xiao Tianyao is a thousand more times worst than them when it comes to attitude and treatment.

“Liar.” Does she think he’s blind?

“Wangye, I am not lying. I wasn’t feeling unhappy.” Lin Chujiu still doesn’t look at Xiao Tianyao when she continues to say without any care: “I’m just feeling uncomfortable.”

“Is there a difference?” What is the difference between uncomfortable and unhappy? As a person with very few emotions, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t really understand.

“Yes, sometimes people feel unhappy because their expectation wasn’t met, so they will have a temper tantrum. But because I don’t have any rights to have a temper tantrum, I don’t feel unhappy. I choose to feel uncomfortable because I’ve been hurt.”

Xiao Tianyao thinks for a long time. Seeing this, Lin Chujiu realized that things should be explained clearly to Xiao Tianyao so that he would understand.

“Wangye, now that we’re talking about this, I want you to know that I’m proud of myself, I don’t feel inferior. I also want to look good, but I don’t really care much about beauty, fame or catchy title. During difficult times, I would rather hide under my quilt and cry alone than to kneel and beg for pity. In order to stay alive, I can sacrifice everything but that doesn’t include my dignity. Because I take my dignity as serious as my life.”

Lin Chujiu’s tone is very gentle, but the strength in her hands are the still the same. So, it means she’s just merely stating the fact.

“Wangye, I know you don’t like me. I also know you feel disgusted with me. But, I am that kind of person. So, I hope as long as we are together, can you treat me with respect? In return, I won’t bring you any trouble and I’ll try to stay away from you as much as possible.” With her current identity, respect isn’t too much to ask for, right?

“You want to go?” With Lin Chujiu’s business like tone, Xiao Tianyao felt unhappy.

“I was thinking because Wangye cannot tolerate seeing me.” When they first met, he wanted to take her life. So, why would she stay in Xiao Wangfu for the rest of her life ah?

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