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Chapter 69.2
Chapter 69: When she’s only a fool and meeting (Part 2)

Prince Xiao’s “sincerity” had softened Divine Doctor Mo’s heart. So, he went to the Xiao Wangfu with his daughter. On the other hand, Prince Xiao had personally come out to welcome them. 

When Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter, Mo Yuer, who had a frosty face appear in the Xiao Wangfu. They had attracted everyone’s attention. Even Housekeeper Cao who had traveled and encountered a lot of people before couldn’t help but sigh because he finds Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter extraordinary.

Now that Miss Mo had entered Xiao Wangfu, will this be a blessing for Wangfei or a curse?

Housekeeper Cao secretly sighed, Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo might have superb medical skills and knowledge. But, it was Lin Chujiu who save his son, so naturally, his heart is biased towards Lin Chujiu. However, he’s only a servant so what else can he do?

“Divine Doctor Mo, Miss

Mo” Xiao Tianyao simply said. As usual, he doesn’t want to beat around the bush, so after he greeted them. He brought them to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard right away.

Seeing such a dull scene, Housekeeper Cao secretly exclaimed: “Wangye, doesn’t have any special feelings for Miss Mo?”

Anyway, she looks completely very different to what he had imagined. This Miss Mo looks very cold and proud. Her face shows nothing but coldness as if everyone owns her an extreme amount of money because there’s no single trace of humanity. Although the people cannot ignore her beautiful face, the people also cannot stand it.

And although their Wangye is very cold, he is popular for defending their country. Unlike this girl, who also look ignorant with the world. Just by seeing her a person couldn’t help but think he saw a stupid mortal!

Knowing that Xiao Tianyao had invited Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo to the Xiao Wangfu. Lin Chujiu wake up early

early in the morning to prepare, even though she knows that it’s only for formality and it’s not actually to cure her.

Xiao Tianyao went to the hall and ask Lin Chujiu to come to out.

“Wangfei, Wangye and Divine Doctor Mo came.” There is also a beautiful Ice Princess.

Zhenzhu reported to Lin Chujiu but didn’t dare to say the rest of her words.

That Miss Mo’s face looks very impressive. Although their Wangfei can’t compete with her looks, their Wangfei’s beauty is not bad. And obviously, their Wangfei’s attitude is far better than her, right?

Their Wangfei is generous and every move she makes will surprise you. This Miss Mo’s temperament is actually not bad too because she looks cold, noble and elegant.

“Help me out.” Lin Chuji is indeed feeling weak, but not to the point where she needs someone help. But still, she asks for assistance to act like a sick person.

Zhenzhu and Feicui immediately approached her. Both of them wanted to help

to help her but she refused: “No need, I’m not actually sick.”

After all, with such event, how can she just walk there alone ah?

So, Lin Chujiu raised her hand and gently lean to Zhenzhu’s arm while showing a tranquil smile to her face. Then, she slowly walks forward. Every step Lin Chujiu takes looks elegant and calm, but a person wouldn’t think that she’s only deliberately doing so. As if she was born with it… …

Lin Chujiu forcefully smile and act like a noble. But of course, it looks natural on her because the previous owner of the body had already learned about it before. So, she only needs to act a little to enhance her noble appearance and so that those people won’t despised her.

After all, today, she’s going to meet the woman who had coveted her husband. Regardless of what she feels for Xiao Tianyao or regardless of what Xiao Tianyao feels about her. Lin Chujiu actually doesn’t Chujiu actually doesn’t have a good impression of being a concubine. And she knows Miss Mo also thinks the same.

What kind of difficulties anyway can make a woman confidently get involved in someone else marriage? Are those difficulties enough reason for her to have sexually explicit? And if she has some difficulties, is it enough reason to accept the first wife? 

What a joke! If her father was murdered, can’t she just ask for that murderer to be punished?

No matter how hard Liu Bai tried to beautify Divine Doctor Mo’s words, Lin Chujiu couldn’t force herself to have a good impression of him.

What if Miss Mo is actually not willing?

Well, if she’s not willing, then she wouldn’t agree to Divine Doctor Mo’s decision, right? 

The more Lin Chujiu thinks the more she finds her as a fool. If she wants everyone to learn how foolish she is, then she can show it.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath, then walked inside the hall… …

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