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When Lin Wanting heard the rumors, she tried telling to herself that Prince Xiao is a cold-blooded murderer, so it’s impossible for him to be this kind to Lin Chujiu. And even if it’s true, they’ve only been married for a couple of months so to say that Lin Chujiu catches Prince Xiao’s heart is only a dream, but… …

The more she tried to reason out to herself, the more her heart only gets unwilling and jealous. Lin Wanting’s eyes redden and flew to her mother’s arm to complained

“Niang (Mother), why is that slut so lucky ah!? She married a crippled prince so obviously, she shouldn’t have a bright future with him. If only I knew that things would turn out like this, I should have been the one that married Prince Xiao and let that Lin Chujiu marry the Crown Prince instead. At least with that, her life will get worst because the Crown Prince and the Empress hated her.” Although Lin Wangting’s words sound harsh, she’s very sincere about it. After all, she doesn’t really love the Crown Prince, but only fancy his identity.

Hearing her daughter’s words, Lin Furen couldn’t help but shook her head: “Silly girl, Prince Xiao might favor Lin Chujiu, but so what? Xiao Tianyao is not only crippled but also powerless. When the Crown Prince finally succeeded the throne, he only needs to say a word and Prince Xiao can die.”

“Niang, are you sure that Prince Xiao is now powerless? If you carefully think about it, it seems the Emperor doesn’t even exist in his eyes.” Lin Wanting said with full of confusion, then added: “Niang, I overheard father’s conversation with some officials. He said that even though the Emperor had taken over Prince Xiao’s military power, but he couldn’t mobilize them because those soldiers only recognized Prince Xiao. “

“What your father had said is not wrong. After all, those soldiers had worked under Prince Xiao for so many years during the war to the North. So, it couldn’t help if they admired him to that extent. They can’t think of him as their master as long as they want, but when Prince Xiao dies. What do you think will happen?” Lin Furen said because she doesn’t think that the Emperor will keep Xiao Tianyao live longer.

When cutting down weeds, you must get at the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will return with the spring breeze.  She understands the meaning of these words even though she is a woman, so what more is the Emperor. 

“Prince Xiao will die?” Lin Wanting’s heart beat so fast and couldn’t help but jump off in fright.

Lin Furen caress Lin Wanting’s head and look at her gently, then said: “Wanting, just believe in your Niang because Niang will never try to harm you. Just think about it, once you married the Crown Prince and he became the Emperor, then you will be this country’s mother. When that happened, not only Lin Chujiu will kneel in front of you but also Prince Xiao.”

“Mmm, you are right Niang. I will be this country’s mother so my future is far better than Lin Chujiu.”  After discriminating Lin Chujiu, Lin Wanting nodded her head in satisfaction and soon enough the unwillingness and jealousy she felt slowly fade. Then, she restored the smart look in her eyes and said: “But still, we shouldn’t let that slut get better. Aren’t that genius Divine Doctor Mo will diagnose and treat Lin Chujiu? Niang, we should go and find Aunt to visit Xiao Wangfu to know her disease.”

“Well, if that’s what you want.” Lin Furen faintly smile. “Tell it also to your father so we could all visit and see if Lin Chujiu is really sick. Who knows if that child wanted to see her father anyway.”

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