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“Can you find a cure to the poison inside Lin Chujiu’s body?” The Emperor who’s eyes turn cold, eagerly asked. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan got so shocked and couldn’t help but to take a step backward. But soon enough, he tried to calm his mind and then answer: “This servant is incompetent and cannot create a cure to Princess Xiao’s chronic poison. However, if her body will be nursed back to health, she can live for ten years more.”

While checking Lin Chujiu’s pulse, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan can predict that Lin Chujiu can live at least ten years with the chronic poison inside her body. Which is significantly much higher than what Doctor Wu. But, that’s only how long he can guarantee her life because it is really hard to cure.

“Ok, that’s more than enough … …” The Emperor suddenly realized that: “He found himself a perfect reason. Xiao Wangfu is a real … … trouble maker.”

The meaning of the Emperor’s words is not clear, but Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t even dare to think about it or even tried to listen more about it. As much as possible, he just wants to shrink in that place so that the Emperor wouldn’t find his presence.

Because even though he is one of the Emperor’s confidant, he doesn’t want to know anything about the royal family’s conflict. After all, if he knows too much, only death will await him. He doesn’t want to die early ah!

Fortunately, the Emperor knows the meaning of his abnormal reactions. So, the Emperor just waved his hand, to indicate that he can now leave.

“This servant will now retire, may the Emperor live a thousand years more.” After Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan pays his respect, he just busily runs out to the study room. And because he runs out too fast, he almost knocked over the midnight snack that a little eunuch is holding… …

The night that Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan had visited Xiao Wangfu to diagnose Lin Chujiu’s sickness spread the next day. And at the same time, the news that Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan wasn’t able to properly diagnosed Lin Chujiu’s sickness also spread. 

Why did they do that?

Because even Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan wasn’t able to cure Lin Chujiu. So, Xiao Wangfu’s people started inviting every doctor in the capital to try diagnosing and cure her sickness. With that, all the prestigious and not-so-prestigious doctor in the capital went to Xiao Wangfu to treat Lin Chujiu. However, each one of them only said one thing and that is: They only have a little talent and knowledge!

Can someone really become a doctor if they only know a little?

Of course not… … or maybe some of them are only faking their diagnosis. Some doctor who had the ability also diagnose Lin Chujiu’s sickness the same way as Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan. However, they also don’t want to blend with royal family’s conflict so they choose to remain silent.

That’s understandable. After all, even Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t even dare to say his diagnosis. So, why would these ordinary doctors dare?

If they join in, then they are just looking for their own death!

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is the most prestigious doctor in the East Country. However, even someone like him couldn’t diagnose Lin Chujiu’s disease. So, what good things will come out to these ordinary doctors.

So, no matter how many doctors Xiao Wangfu had invited, the result of her sickness is still unknown.

Inside the Lin Family’s Mansion. When Lin Furen heard that Lin Chujiu is seriously ill. She got so shocked and just stayed at home all day because she’s so afraid that Xiao Wangfu and the people would learn that she’s the one who poisoned Lin Chujiu.

And when she heard that Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan check Lin Chujiu’s condition and Xiao Wangfu invited all the doctor. She got so scared and got sick in bed.

She only felt a little better when she heard that even though Xiao Wangfu had invited dozens of doctors, they were still unable to diagnose her sickness. So evidently, that slut is keeping her word because she took her money. Unfortunately, even though that slut has a lot of money, she doesn’t have much time to spend them all because she will die soon.

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