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Chapter 67.2
Chapter 67: Visitors and the people who doesn’t want her to get better (Part 2)

Lin Furen’s complexion gets betters and better after thinking Lin Chujiu’s doom. So, when Lin Wanting came to see her, she can already sit up on the bed. Lin Wanting saw her mother smiling so she tried to persuade her: ” Niang (Mother), Lin Chujiu’s sickness is well known in the capital. Aren’t we going to visit her even though you’re only her mother in name?”

After Lin Chujiu’s wedding day, she sent back all those dowry maidservants to Lin Family’s mansion so Lin Furen loss her face and her image as a good stepmother was destroyed. And since then, Lin Furen became a laughing stock in the high society. Making Lin Wanting also feel ashamed to go out.

“You uncle and aunt didn’t even go to visit her, so there’s nothing to worry about. Let Xiao Wangfu know that Lin Chujiu doesn’t have anyone to rely on this family.” Lin Furen‘s voice

somewhat sounded weak but didn’t affect her domineering words.

“What you said is not wrong, but if Grandmother learns about it. Knowing her temper, she will definitely scold you, Uncle and Aunt. However, if we visit her, the possibility that Grandmother defending her is much lower when she arrives.” Lin Wanting softly said. The tone of her voice is much softer, so she sounded more like a patient than Lin Furen. 

 “When will your Grandmother be back?” Lin Furen really got worried with recent events, so her mind couldn’t focus.

“Aunt said that Grandmother had sent her a message, saying that she will arrive in five days. If Grandmother learns that Lin Chujiu is sick and will die soon, but you and Aunt didn’t even visit her, she will definitely get angry.” Of course, Lin Wanting also doesn’t want to see Lin Chujiu. After all, now that she became Princess Xiao, she needs to pay her a respect.  Just by thinking about,

about, Lin Wanting wants to tear Lin Chujiu into pieces.


She also doesn’t dare to offend her Grandmother. So, whenever she is in front of her Grandmother, she tried her best to act like a loving sister to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Wanting got angry and twisted her veil while saying: “Niang, we must think of a way on how we will make Lin Chujiu a laughing stock. It will be much better if it’s in front of Prince Xiao and his people. Once they learn Lin Chujiu’s real color, Prince Xiao will no longer find a doctor for her. Let’s see if she can defend herself by then.” 

When Lin Wanting spit out such vicious words with her delicate face, Lin Furen didn’t hesitate to nod her head gently and exposed her praise in her eyes… …

However, at this point in time, Lin Chujiu was able to escape meeting the capital’s noble ladies, but fell into a trap of meeting the “Onlookers doctors”.

Ahem …

“Onlookers doctors”.

Ahem … … calling them “Onlookers Doctors” must be exaggerated. After all, her identity as Princess Xiao is noble. So, her face is not allowed to get exposed to those ordinary doctors. Only Doctor Wu and other Imperial Doctor that the Emperor had sent can directly diagnose her. While the doctors from the capital can only diagnose her by checking her pulse because they were separated by curtains.

Modern Chinese doctors usually make their diagnosis after questioning and observing, but not behind the curtains. So right now, what these ancient doctors doing is practically not good and proper… …

So no wonder why they are having a difficult to diagnose!

Lin Chujiu notice a few doctor that had diagnosed the poison in her body. But aside from those, every doctor that had to check her pulse would only shake their head and sigh while saying: “My medical knowledge is still lacking, so I couldn’t diagnose what Princess Xiao’s disease.”

Someone even said that: even said that: “Princess Xiao is seriously ill. Please prepare her funeral as soon as possible!”

However, no matter what the result, Housekeeper Cao will still give those ordinary doctors one or two silver as a service fee. But after those doctors left, some guard shout back: “You quack! Our Wangfei is still in a good condition so preparing her funeral is too early!”

After being called a quack, the doctor added: “This old one’s diagnosis is not wrong, Princess Xiao’s body is seriously weak, she will die soon.”

“Princess Xiao may look healthy, but in reality, her body had long been deteriorating. If you wouldn’t properly be careful, Princess Xiao can only live three or five years more. You’ll see it anyway… …”

This skilled doctor seems doesn’t understand politics. Although he didn’t mention about the poison inside Lin Chujiu’s body, what he said is exactly true. So Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but get suspicious with this doctor’s origin.

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