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Lin Chujiu fainted!

Lin Chujiu suddenly fell without any warning. So, not only Shanhu and Feicui got shocked, but even Xiao Tianyao who already inside the house. However, he couldn’t help but think: Hmm? Why would she suddenly faint? Could it be the palace wants her to make a move now?

“Wangfei, Wangfei?” Feicui rushed towards Lin Chujiu to help. But, when she got close to her, she found out that her forehead was bleeding and the blood continues flowing. Lin Chujiu’s current situation looks really terrible… …

“Someone come, hurry! Someone, please come! Wangfei hit her head and she’s bleeding!” Feicui holds Lin Chujiu and tried to get up for several times. But because she’s lacking in strength, she couldn’t carry her, so she could only cry and shout for help: “Shanhu, hurry and find a doctor! Go and ask some maidservants to help carry Wangfei! She’s losing a lot of blood!” Lin Chujiu almost look like a dead person, which is really terrible.

“Ok, I’m going.” Shanhu wanted to stay to help Feicui carry Lin Chujiu. But seeing Lin Chujiu’s situation. She really had no choice but to get up and run very fast to find a doctor.

Some guardsmen came closer but didn’t touch Lin Chujiu due to their gender difference. So, they only give her instruction: “Feicui, use Wangfei’s veil to cover her wound. We shouldn’t let her bleed more than this.”

Lin Chujiu is very unlucky because when she fell, her head hit the edge of the stone step so her forehead got wounded and started bleeding.

“Yes, yes, Wangfei said before a person could die from bleeding. So, I need to stop her bleeding.” Feicui didn’t felt afraid even if Lin Chujiu will be in pain. She really wanted to slow down the bleeding so she pressed the veil on her wound. Sure enough, Lin Chujiu’s body tremble in pain, but at least Feicui learn that Lin Chujiu was still breathing, so she felt relieved.

When the guardsmen learn that Lin Chujiu is still alive, they wanted to go back in the house to report to Xiao Tianyao for him to know. However, what they didn’t know is that Xiao Tianyao himself took the initiative to push his wheelchair towards them.

“Wangye?” The guardsmen immediately stood up straight.

“How is she?” Xiao Tianyao asked while pushing his wheelchair forward. The guardsmen immediately retreated and separated themselves to stand on both sides.

“Reporting back to Wangye, when Wangfei suddenly fainted she knock her forehead on the stone step and she started bleeding. But thankfully, she’s still breathing.”

“Hmm.” When Xiao Tianyao only made a simple sound, the guardsmen expected that he would just leave. But, they didn’t think that he would push his wheelchair closer.

What is Wangye’s going to do?

TheGuardsmen’ s mouth slightly stunned open and looked very confused. However, they got even more shocked when Xiao Tianyao did not only go all the way to Lin Chujiu, but also bend his body to push away Feicui’s hand and carry Lin Chujiu.


Are their eyes defected? Or their Wangye got possessed by a demon?

If not, why would their Wangye take the initiative to carry a girl?

Well, this girl is not just any girl because she is the Wangfu’s Wangfei. So, it’s only natural for their Wangye to personally carry her. But still… …

Seeing Xiao Tianyao holding Lin Chujiu and letting her sit on top of his legs while they are in the wheelchair. The guardsmen find it very awkward. This scene in front of them is too unbelievable and they cannot believe that it was actually their Wangye.

But, what even more surprising is Xiao Tianyao’s order to Feicui: “Go inside and prepare a room.”

Does it mean Wangye will let Wangfei stay in his courtyard?

Feicui’s mind only returns when the guard pushes back Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair. So, she gets up fast to prepare the room. 

It doesn’t really matter what Wangye is thinking. The most important thing right now is for Wangfei to have a rest early. 

Feicui’s actions were very fast. So, when Xiao Tianyao arrived, a comfortable bed is already prepared for Lin Chujiu. Feicui came forward to Xiao Tianyao to get Lin Chujiu to his arm. But, when she was about to touch Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao look at her very coldly so she got scared and move away.

Xiao Tianyao personally puts Lin Chujiu to the bed. So, the guardsmen faintly saw Xiao Tianyao used his legs to stand. But, it was too fast, in a blink of an eye, Xiao Tianyao is already sitting back.

Feicui was very worried so she doesn’t really know what to do next. Should she go out with the guardsmen or not? But in the end, she just went outside and brought a copper basin with water.

After changing his dresses, Doctor Wu went to the west side of the mansion with Shanhu. And because Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard was in the west, it is somewhat far. Lin Chujiu’s bleeding almost stopped, but Doctor Wu haven’t arrived yet. While Xiao Tianyao was still inside the room waiting for him to come. Although Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything, Feicui couldn’t help but get scared for Doctor Wu. So, she just tried to divert her thought.

In the end, she really can’t understand their Wangye’s intention. Is he worried?

But, if he is really concerned about Wangfei. Then, why he just turn around and look outside the window than stare at Wangfei?

But, if he is not concerned. Then, why did he carried her and personally put her in the bed despite his leg injuries?

Seriously, their Master is really hard to understand!

While Feicui is trying to analyze their Wangye’s mind, Doctor Wu finally arrived. But, Doctor Wu haven’t taken another breath when his body shivered in fright when he saw Xiao Tianyao: “Wang, Wangye!.”

DoctorWu utters a cry, apparently, he didn’t expect to find Xiao Tianyao inside the room.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao only said and didn’t look back. He just stayed sitting near the window, so no one knows what he meant.

So, Doctor Wu didn’t move in his place. But, Shanhu didn’t see any problem so she came forward to remind Doctor Wu to check Lin Chujiu’s pulse and make a diagnosis.

With Doctor Wu’s medical skills, checking her pulse and making a diagnosis is possible. But, when he checked her pulse, he did not only learned that Lin Chujiu’s body is weak due to fatigue but also… …

Doctor Wu check Lin Chujiu’s pulse for a long time. But, the more he check and made the diagnosis the more his eyebrows wrinkled until his face turn very very ugly.

“Doctor Wu, how’s Wangfei?” Feicui and Shanhu asked with full of worries.

“Wangfei, she… …” Doctor Wu seems doesn’t want them to know his findings. So, the two of them realized that they should no longer stay to listen and went out.

The two of them well behave, so they didn’t forget to closed the door before completely went out.

Doctor Wu no longer hesitated to get up and stand behind Xiao Tianyao. He pays his respect first before saying: “Wangye, Wangfei has chronic poison.” Doctor Wu is not sure what kind of poison is inside Lin Chujiu’s body. So, in short… …

Lin Chujiu’s body is now in really bad condition.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao only answered and seems not surprised. So evidently, he knows it for a long time now. Doctor Wu’s heart shook in horror and secretly made a guess that Lin Chujiu was poison by him.

But, with Lin Chujiu’s medical skill, he couldn’t understand why she didn’t catch him?

She doesn’t want too?

Xiao Tianyao kept silent for a moment and only said: “Can you cure her?”

“Cure?” Doctor Wu ignorantly ask. He was the one who poisons the Princess so why is he asking him to cure her?

He could only diagnose that Lin Chujiu was poison, but he doesn’t know what kind of poison is it.

“Ok,” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in agreement, so Doctor Wu got even more confused. If it is not Prince Xiao who poisoned her, then who could it be?

But with Lin Chujiu’s medical skill, who would be able to poison her?

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