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Doctor Wu got very confused, but he could only bury the doubt he felt for Prince Xiao inside his heart. And honestly, if he could save Lin Chujiu, that would be very nice and their closeness might get deeper.

So, Doctor Wu once again tried to diagnosis Lin Chujiu’s condition. However, this time, he spends more hours to check, so his eyebrows got more wrinkled than before.

After a long time, Doctor Wu finally releases Lin Chujiu’s hand but didn’t say the result of his diagnosis. He just stood up and open up his own medicine box. Then, he took the white porcelain bowl and the sharp knife inside.

Yes, Doctor Wu doesn’t know the exact name of the poison that was used to Lin Chujiu, but it doesn’t mean that he has no other way to verify.

Doctor Wu prick Lin Chujiu’s finger with the knife and drop her blood to the white porcelain bowl.

When Lin Chujiu’s blood fell on the water, it didn’t spread out. Instead, it was like a dew that fell on a lotus or like a jade that rolled back and forth inside the bowl.

Doctor Wu’s eyes flash on what he witnessed. Lin Chujiu’s blood only rolled like a bead inside the bowl and didn’t even tainted the water after half a minute.

After a few more minutes, Doctor Wu tried to sprinkle a white powder on the bowl very gently. And when he does, he saw the blood gradually turn dark and bleak.

“This … …” Doctor Wu couldn’t help but stared at the blood and become speechless.

The white porcelain bowl that was on Doctor Wu’s hand is a medicine bowl that was handed by his ancestors. This bowl was not created normally just like any ordinary bowl because it was created with a mysterious hundred types of medicine. And because of that, it can help him identify a hundred kind of poison. But unfortunately, even this bowl couldn’t distinguish the poison inside her body.

“How is it?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t hear his words for a long time now. So, he had to ask.

“Wangye … …” Doctor Wu now finally understand. Prince Xiao only knows that she was poison, but he’s not the one who poisoned her.

Doctor Wu show the bowl in front of Xiao Tianyao with a bitter looking face. “Wangye, this is a slow acting poison so it won’t be fatal for a short period of time. But, it will keep deteriorating Wangfei’s health until she died.”

The chronic poison inside Lin Chujiu’s body is more like a special medicine than a poison. Because it won’t kill her instantly rather it will make her health weaker and weaker. And when it finally accumulated inside her body, it will make her internal organs exhausted until it fails to function. With this, her death would look normal. And even Doctor Wu wouldn’t be able to found out if he wouldn’t check properly.

It is really hard to detect and if Lin Chujiu didn’t try to nurse back herself the poison would have spread by now.

“Can you find a cure?” That is the only thing that Xiao Tianyao would want to know.

“How long will she live?” Xiao Tianyao asked coldly without any trace of dismay.

When DoctorWu heard his words, he didn’t get surprised. He’s been working under him for a long time now, so he knew very well his temperament. But still, he couldn’t help but pity Lin Chujiu.

However, the poison inside Wangfei’s body is not caused by Wangye. So, it would be strange if he will keep blaming Wangye inside his mind.

Doctor Wu answered with discretion: “If we will give Wangfei the proper nourishment and the right medicine that she needs, then she could live for ten years more. But, if we won’t, then she could only live for a few years.” 

“Ok, then give her what she needs.”Xiao Tianyao said and nodded his head in agreement. He now knows what’s wrong with her so he no longer needs to stay. Xiao Tianyao push his wheelchair forward to go out and let Doctor Wu and others take care Lin Chujiu.

When Xiao Tianyao completely left, that was only when Feicui and Shanhu dare to enter the room and asked: Doctor Wu, how is Wangfei?”

“Wangfei is a little weak, but we only need to give her this pills and let her rest for two days.” Although Xiao Tianyao didn’t warn Doctor Wu to not spread the issue of poisoning to Lin Chujiu, he has been staying in this mansion for a long time now so he knows what to say and not.

Just by thinking that Lin Chujiu hasn’t taught him all her medical knowledge. Doctor Wu’s heart ache, if only he learn a thing or two, then he might be able to help Lin Chujiu more.

Feicui and Shanhu nodded their head in agreement. They even tried to joke around because they felt happy: “Wangye is really kind to Wangfei ah!”

But Doctor Wu only gave a dry laugh. If only these two knows how indifferent their Wangye is even though he learned that their Wangfei will soon die. Surely, these two would be disappointed too.

After giving the prescription and medicine, Doctor Wu carry his medicine box and no longer stay.


The next morning,  Lin Chujiu woke up but felt that her body seems very weak. So, she listens to Doctor Wu’s advice and just rests in the bed.

Lin Chujiu know her condition very well, so she didn’t argue with Doctor Wu and just recuperate. However, she refused to stay in Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard and said that it was very inconvenient.

Feicui and Shanhu repeatedly persuade her, her body is still weak so she shouldn’t move much. Even Doctor Wu said that it’s better to stay on the West side of the mansion than to a remote side. However, after trying everything, they still failed to convince her.

Lin Chujiu thinks she will only die if she tried recuperating right next to Xiao Tianyao’s room. If she stayed here, her actions would be limited because if she will move loudly. Xiao Tianyao would hear it. And with his arrogant personality, he will definitely get angry.

But of course, that is not her main reason. Her main reason is, if she stayed right next to Xiao Tianyao’s room, then she won’t be able to freely use the medical system. Her health needs to be nourished for a long period of time before the poison could finally be extracted. So, she’s been taking her medicine from the medical system every day. If she stayed here, how is she going to take her medicine? Her life would be even miserable if Xiao Tianyao will find her secret.

Her courtyard must be small, simple and doesn’t look amazing, but there were also some benefits from there. First, Xiao Tianyao wasn’t there so it’s safe. Secondly, her huge dowry is there. Lastly, she could pull any reason to access the medical system and take her medicine.

So, Lin Chujiu insisted on going back to her courtyard. While Xiao Tianyao didn’t stop her in doing so. However, Shanhu and Feicui felt sad, after all, Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao missed the opportunity to get close to each other. And because of Lin Chujiu’s strong demand, they had no choice but to move back.

Lin Chujiu only stayed in Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard for a night, so there’s nothing much to bring back. Moreover, Lin Chujiu immediately sit on the soft sedan to leave. But, what she doesn’t know is, Xiao Tianyao had long been sitting near the window watching her. And only diverts his eyes when her shadow complete disappeared… …

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