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Lin Chujiu doesn’t know that someone is monitoring her. Fortunately, she had already hidden the IV drip with the medicine before Housekeeper Cao and Doctor Wu return to keep herself away from trouble. She now only need to find a chance to get rid of it once it get nearly empty.

Housekeeper Cao was so worried about Cao Lin so he came near her and ask his son’s situation. And when Lin Chujiu said that Cao Lin is now in a stable condition, that’s when only HousekeeperCao heaved a sigh of relief.

Housekeeper Cao always want to stay with Cao Lin, but he is the housekeeper of Xiao Wangfu (Mansion). There is still a lot work that is waiting for him and could no longer stay even though he is very reluctant to leave.

Although there are still a lot of injured guardsmen, DoctorWu is not in hurry and just moved a chair to sit next to Lin Chujiu. This time, Doctor Wu had talk with Lin Chujiu for about a whole stick of candle.

Lin Chujiu is a popular doctor in the M Country. So, her medical knowledge is not just base in theory but absolutely solid. Because of this, Doctor Wu wouldn’t mind talking about medicine with Lin Chujiu for three days and three nights.

Doctor Wu and Lin Chujiu continuing their conversation. Which made Shanhu and Feicui out of place and doesn’t even understand a single thing about their topic.

Lin Chujiu just throw a medical problem and made Doctor Wu had a deep thought.  Lin Chujiu take this opportunity to talk to Shanhu and Feicui to let them have a rest or they might get in trouble.

Shanhu and Feicui want to refuse, but they didn’t sleep during the day. So this evening, they couldn’t hold on anymore and just decided to exchange turn to rest.

“Shanhu, you don’t need to keep standing all night. If I need something, I will call you.” Lin Chujiu said and pointed her finger to the chair in the corner and let her sit.

Shanhu thanked Lin Chujiu, after all, she could just barely support her legs.

When another group of people was sent. Lin Chujiu pretend checking something near Cao Lin’s bed but actually, she just use her body to block their line of sight. Lin Chujiu pull the IV cannula and IV drip and hide them immediately inside the medical system.

DoctorWu and Shanhu didn’t noticed that someone is monitoring Lin Chujiu closely from outside. But because Lin Chujiu’s back is facing that person, he didn’t actually saw what exactly she had done. He just saw Lin Chujiu came near Cao Lin’s bed and after a short while she was holding a transparent tube and made Cao Lin drink what’s inside of it.

After a few minutes, Lin Chujiu pull out the transparent tube and look at the candlelight then said: “He only have a low fever now so there won’t be any major problem.”

“He has a fever again?” When Doctor Wu heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he immediately stood up and nervously approached her.

“It’s a normal occurrence.” Lin Chujiu said to appease him and Doctor Wu immediately calm down. The two of them sat back and continue their medical conversation.

Although Lin Chujiu wasn’t able to sleep well during the afternoon, she didn’t sleep all night. However, Doctor Wu is different, he took care of Cao Lin during the whole day so he could just barely hold on.

His mind still wanted to stay, but his body can no longer keep up.

Doctor Wu wanted to keep assisting Lin Chujiu, but was persuade to leave: “Doctor Wu, how can a doctor neglect to take care of his own body? I am staying in Xiao Wangfu (Mansion) so we still have plenty of opportunities to exchange knowledge.”

Doctor Wu just realized that he and Princess lived in the same place so they can still have a good talk. After that, Doctor Wu no longer insist and just left.

Doctor Wu haven’t left for too long, but Housekeeper Cao returns even if he is so tired. Lin Chujiu tried to persuade him too, but it was useless so she no longer insist and just kept quiet.

Cao Lin’s condition got better and doesn’t need a doctor to watch over him. But still, Lin Chujiu ask Housekeeper Cao to wake her up after two hours. And then, she and Shanhu took a rest in the next room.

Lin Chujiu decided to rest, so the guard who is hiding in the shadows decided to report back. But… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t do any outrageous things so there is nothing to report. The only thing he can report is that Doctor Wu and Lin Chujiu had talk all night. But, about the content of their conversation?

Sorry, but he could no longer remember them all.

When Xiao Tianyao heard his report, he just started tapping his fingertip on the handrails, then asked: “Su Cha, what do you think?”

Su Cha who is sitting in on the side softly said: “It seems Lin Chujiu really has medical skills. Maybe, she really didn’t lie to us.”

“She just hide those skills all these years?” Xiao Tianyao squinted his eyes. He couldn’t believe that a woman like Lin Chujiu had played him during those years. Lin Chujiu had medical skills all these years, but he didn’t found out about it sooner?

“The cause of death of Lin Chujiu’s mother is very suspicious. And although the Lin Family look harmonious on the outside, but who knows if Lin Chujiu had really difficulties in the inside.” Su Cha said while trying to defend Lin Chujiu.

After all, Su Cha clearly knows what Lin Chujiu had done during the assassination on their wedding night. At that critical moment, she can easily kill Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen or just simply don’t mind them. But, she didn’t do so and since then Su Cha had a good impression on her.

Su Cha carefully looked at Xiao Tianyao, when he saw that he is not angry. He got tempted to say: “Tianyao, she had save you once already. So, can’t you give her a chance?”

“Benwang (this prince) said that as long as Lin Chujiu doesn’t betray us, Benwang will not kill her.” Although he is not a gentleman, but he is a man that could keep his words.

“Then, are you going to enter the palace with her now?” Su Cha’s eyes turn bright and were full of hope.

Xiao Tianyao’s face immediately turns dark: “Su Cha, you’re pushing your luck too far.”

“Ahem, just pretend that I didn’t say anything.” Su Cha immediately shut up and no longer say anything.

Li Bai and Su Cha had worked together for many years. The two of them understand each other, so when he notice Su Cha is done with his talk. Li Bai immediately spoke: “Tianyao, Divine Doctor Mo said that he is done preparing things that he will need. But, I don’t know where you want to start your treatment?”

“In here.” Xiao Tianyao had spent a lot of effort to find Divine Doctor Mo. If he can’t cure him. Then, he has no other choice but to go to the other countries or to  seek treatment to other imperial doctor of different empire.

“Divine Doctor Mo said you need to find a more quiet place so you can easily recuperate.” Li Bai bluntly said, apparently, he doesn’t agree with him to stay in the Xiao Wangfu.

“Xiao Wangfu is the most safest place.” After the assassination last time, the defense in Xiao Wangfu got double and become more strong than before. So now, both the inside and the outside is more secured. And although it is still not 100% sure, but a spy won’t be able to reach his courtyard.

Just then, Li Bai realized that the safest place is more important than a quiet place: “Ok, I’ll arrange things here.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao said a few more things before he sent out Li Bai and Su Cha.

There are several things more to do, but Su Cha didn’t rush to go away and dawdle a bit behind. Xiao Tianyao got dissatisfied and frown, “If you have something to say, just say it and stop acting like a girl.”

Su Cha almost choked, but got afraid of Xiao Tianyao so he gets serious and ask: “Can we really trust Divine Doctor Mo? Don’t you find it strange that he agreed to us too easily?”

Su Cha had deal with a lot of different kind of people. So, he knows how tough it is to deal with Divine Doctor Mo. But this time, Divine Doctor Mo agreed so easily so Su Cha couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“Benwang has his own arrangements.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t say that he doesn’t trust Divine Doctor Mo, but he also didn’t say that he complete trust him. Su Cha knows that Xiao Tianyao has his own plan so he no longer bother him and silently left after reminding him to take an early break.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao agreed, but he just quietly sit and propped his head on his right arm. And who knows what exactly he is thinking… …

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