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 “You will go there alone!”

“You will go there alone!”

Xiao Tianyao’s words keep repeating inside Lin Chujiu’s mind. She doesn’t even know how did she return to her own courtyard. She doesn’t even remember if Zhenzhu and Manao whisper something in her ear. All she knows is that… …

She really wants to kill Xiao Tianyao!

Bastard! He offended the emperor so he doesn’t want to go the palace and just sending a weak woman like me alone. Is he even a man?

Lin Chujiu really wanted to curse him out loud, but she is at his mansion. So, if she said something bad about him. It will immediately reach Xiao Tianyao’s ears.  And eventually, she will become the bad person and so… …

She can only cover herself with a quilt and continue her sleep.

“Wake me up once it gets dark.” Lin Chujiu reminded her four maidservants. The four maidservants felt at loss and just look at each other. They can’t really understand how their Princess think.

“What are we going to do to the embroidery shop and jewelry shop artisan outside?” Zhenhu and Manao look at Lin Chujiu, but hesitated to wake her up.

They haven’t seen such a young lady like their princess who doesn’t feel happy and excited about beautiful clothes and jewelry. Instead, she enjoys more simple clothes and things.

Feicui thinks for a moment and then said: “Send them back for now and call them again tomorrow.”

“Are you sure Wangfei  (Princess) won’t sleep early tomorrow? She said earlier that she will guard and take care of Cao Lin during the night.” After hearing those words, Shanhu and Manao could only sigh.

“What if we pick some dress with different color and style for now and then let’s just ask Wangfei  (Princess) to choose from them? She will save a lot of time by then.” Zhenzhu is the first servant that was sent to Lin Chujiu so she understands Lin Chujiu’s habit more than the others.

She knows that their princess is very lazy and afraid to get in trouble. And of course, the reason why Zhenzhu decided to do that is because she knows Lin Chujiu won’t really bother to choose.

After they made their decision, the four of them started arranging things that Lin Chujiu may need according to their her taste. But still, added a few a bright accessories.

When Lin Chujiu woke up and they saw her not looking confused and sad. They immediately invited her to pick clothes and jewelry.

“Why do I need to pick up clothes and jewelry?” Lin Chujiu is not a fool nor forgetful. But, she asks because she really doesn’t know why.

After all, she has a lot of clothes already!

“Wangfei  (Princess), if you will enter the palace, you need to wear proper clothes.” Zhenzhu thinks that Lin Chujiu is trying to act like a fool because she wanted to refuse.

In fact, Zhenzhu doesn’t understand Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu is not acting like a fool to refuse because she was already appointed to go.

After all, the arrogant person who is sending her to the palace didn’t even ask if she is willing or not.  So now, she can only bite the bullet and go.

“Do I don’t have any clothes? The servants from Lin Family carried almost ten boxes of clothes but not a single one of clothes are appropriate?” Lin Chujiu still have the mind of an ordinary person so she doesn’t want to waste money.

“Wangfei  (Princess), those clothes are good, but doesn’t suit your style.” Lin Chujiu’s dowry clothes materials are good, but their style and color are too gaudy. So if she will wear them and stand in front of the emperor. The emperor might think that she is a prostitute.

Zhenzhu tried to explain in a careful manner while looking at Lin Chujiu because she’s afraid that Lin Chujiu might get angry. But, the result is… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care, but rather ridicule her family: “As expected, Lin Furen (Madam) have the ability to make me act young.”

Wangfei  (Princess), you shouldn’t say it like that or else people will think that you are filial!

Zhenzhu silently talks to herself and just pretended that she doesn’t know anything.

Lin Chuji doesn’t want to embarrass a small maidservant so she just raised her hand and said: “Just pick up any clothes and jewelry that you think won’t bring any shame to Prince Xiao’s Mansion.”

“Yes.” Zhenzhu softly replied.

At this point of time, Shanhu and Feicui had already prepared her dinner. Lin Chujiu just wash her face before she sits on the dining table and looks at the eight different dishes that she doesn’t know if it tastes good because… …

She is so worried about Cao Lin’s injury and just barely eats half a bowl of rice and then already put down her chopstick. The four maidservant didn’t say anything and just wait for Lin Chujiu to rest a bit for digestion. After a few minutes, Shahu and Feicui help her carry the medicine box and accompanied Lin Chujiu back to Cao Lin’s room.

At the West courtyard, Housekeeper Cao and Doctor Wu has been taking care of Cao Lin but wasn’t able to feed Cao Lin anything throughout the whole afternoon. So when they saw Lin Chujiu, both of them approached her: “Wangfei  (Princess)”

Both of them greeted her respectfully. Lin Chujiu felt so surprised when she can vaguely hear a little worship tone to Doctor Wu’s voice. But then she just looks at Cao Lin and understands why they approached her.

“Cao Lin had a fever again?”


Housekeeper Cao doesn’t want to leave. While Doctor Wu don’t want to let his chance go: “But… But…”

“Doctor Wu, you can come back after you had your dinner.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to talk to Doctor Wu right now. She wanted to give Cao Lin an injection as soon as possible.

After all, Cao Lin’s death is also her death. So, she really doesn’t have time to care for him.

DoctorWu still wants to say something but didn’t dare to say them anymore and just went out with Housekeeper Cao. Then, later on, Lin Chujiu ask Shanhu and Feicui to bring her hot water and salt.

After sending them away, Lin Chujiu access the medical system to change the useless anti-inflammatory drugs and the bottle with salted water.

Before, Lin Chujiu was so worried to use the things that will help her immediately and let them suspect her. But now that Xiao Tianyao threatens her life, then she has no other choice but to use intravenous drugs.

Lin Chujiu injected the medicine to the saline solution and hang it above the shelf. Then, she carefully inserted the IV cannula to Cao Lin. Lin Chujiu adjusted the speed of drip so she no longer needs to control it.

The two maidservants return and saw Lin Chujiu sitting near the window while holding a book seriously.

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