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What does Xiao Tianyao mean? No one knows or more likely, no one dares to ask. But, one thing was certain, that is… …

Xiao Wangfei was not just a gift from the emperor, her title was not just an empty name. She has Xiao Wangye’s support, as the real hostess of Xiao Wangfu.

Seeing this scene, many people felt: Lin Xiang's daughter is really great.

People knew very clearly why was Lin Chujiu given to Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu was given by the emperor to Xiao Tianyao to humiliate and suppress him.  They also thought that Lin Chujiu would not live for more than three months. However, she did not only completely claimed the title Xiao Wangfei, but also gain Xiao Wangye’s trust and attention.

If people will say that Lin Chujiu has not talents, they will not believe it.

When all the ranking officials stood up to greet Xiao Tianyao, Prime Minister You of the right faction, from time to time, moved his eyes to look at Prime Minister Lin with deep meaning.

When Prime Minister Lin Xiang saw that Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu came together holding hands, he knew right away that things will be bad for him. And seeing Right Prime Minister You not concealing the look in his eyes, Lin Xiang couldn’t wait to strangle Lin Chujiu to death.

He knew that Lin Chujiu hated to be married off in Xiao Wangfu, but he didn’t take her feelings seriously. Instead, he let her be given off by the emperor and be the emperor’s eyes. Because of this, Xiao Wangye didn’t trust her, nor treat her like a real Xiao Wangfu’s main wife.

However, even under such circumstances, Lin Chujiu didn’t get the support of her family, which gave her a chance to turn over the storm. She successfully made Xiao Wangye not care about her origin, giving her absolute trust and glory instead.

A woman who can walk side by side with Xiao Wang was only one person, and that was Lin Chujiu alone. So if people will say that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t put great importance to her, no one will believe it.

Looking at how elegant and graceful Lin Chujiu walked, Lin Xiang’s eyes flashed with a trace of regret.

He really didn’t know that Lin Chujiu had such great talent. If he had known, when she said that she doesn’t want to get married in Xiao Wangfu, he will not agree to the Empress’s request. He will not marry off Lin Chujiu to Xiao Tianyao.

However, no matter what he thinks right now, Lin Xiang has to greet Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. Lin Furen and Lin Wanting, who also came with him, were no exception.

Because this banquet was to welcome the Southern Princess and Western Prince, the emperor allowed the young and unmarried sons and daughters of the officials enter the palace. On the bright side, it was made for the young ones to talk to each other, but in fact, it was to choose their life partner.

Lin Xiang knew that Xiao Tianyao will come to the palace. So, he doesn’t really want to bring Lin Wanting with him. In fear of losing a face. However, on the second thought, if he will not bring Lin Wanting, he will be questioned.

Good thing, Lin Wanting was well-behaved along the way and didn’t do anything impolite this time… …

Lin Chujiu’s appearance brings shocked to all the people inside the imperial hall. Among these people, were both Lin Furen and Lin Wanting. Lin Furen was very shocked by the changes in Lin Chujiu. She couldn’t understand why all her effort to raise her as a good for nothing eldest daughter became a waste?

Lin Furen and Lin Xiang regretted a lot. But, what Lin Furen regretted the most was, why she was too kind? She should have killed Lin Chujiu from the very beginning. Too bad, regret will not make things good for them right now.

As for Lin Wanting?

Lin Chujiu’s appearance right now was completely unacceptable for her. In the fourteen years of her life, Lin Chujiu has always been a tool to excel herself. But now, Lin Chujiu has no trace of ugliness, roughness, and arrogance.

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