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Is this radiating woman in front of her, who came with Xiao Wangye, was really her sister Lin Chujiu?

“This is impossible.” Lin Wanting, who has a sluggish look in her face, her eyes were fixed on Lin Chujiu’s body. She couldn’t even recover from shock for a long time.

Lin Chujiu felt something, so she slightly moved her head and faintly took a glance, but didn’t say anything.

Along the way, everyone’s attention was focused on Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu, who made such a sudden move, immediately noticed by people.

Some of these people also looked towards her line of sight and saw Lin Wanting, revealing a very fierce look in her face, as if she wanted to eat people alive.

Some of these people laughed inside their mind: Lin Xiang eat a big loss this time. He did not only regarded a fish eye as a pearl but also regarded a pearl as a fish eye.

For such a useless daughter, he gives up the smart and capable daughter. This is simply a big loss.

When a few lines of sight fell in their way, Lin Xiang and Lin Furen were stupefied. Looking back, they saw Lin Wanting’s rude appearance. Lin Furen hurriedly pinched Lin Wanting’s hand, which pulled her back to her senses.

Although Lin Wanting was not perfect, after many years of training under Lin Furen, she was able to put immediately a soft and weak appearance, as if she was truly is.

It's just a pity, the people who were present this time were fine noble sons and daughters, the heirs of their family, so it was not easy for Lin Wanting to fool their eyes.

Lin Chujiu didn’t put Lin Wanting in her eyes. She and Xiao Tianyao just went to their respective place. But, they haven’t had a chance to sit down when the eunuch loudly announced: “His majesty the emperor and empress arrive, the crown prince arrives, Imperial Concubine Zhou arrive… …”

The excellencies of the banquet finally arrived.

The group of officials, who just sat down, once again got up to greet the emperor. Lin Chujiu knew that they also had to stand firm, but who would have thought Xiao Tianyao will act like he didn’t hear anything and will pull her down to sit.  

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao and stared at him with a question: Wangye, why are you so arrogant?

However, Xiao Tianyao only curved his lips into a smile and gently patted her head.

The contradiction between him and the emperor was irreconcilable. So, whether he is respectful or not, the emperor will still clean him up. If so, why should he grieve himself? Anyway, the emperor cannot kill him.

Xiao Tianyao admitted that this idea came to his mind because of Lin Chujiu. Didn’t Lin Chujiu also go against him? So, why was she asking his attitude?

Xiao Tianyao had done it, so Lin Chujiu also didn’t pay any care. Xiao Tianyao was here and this was his business.

The Emperor walked in front, while the Empress and Imperial Concubine Zhou were one step behind the left and right side of the emperor. The Crown Prince was walking together with the Eastern Prince and Southern Princess.

Everyone got up and the long salutation has played. Only Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu stayed sitting, which particularly eye-catching.

The smile on the emperor’s face got stiff when he saw the two. However, for such trivial matter, he knew that it’s not worth reprimanding Xiao Tianyao this time. 

In the end, the emperor only acted like he didn’t see Xiao Tianyao. He just walked passed by him. The Empress and Imperial Concubine Zhou naturally didn’t open their mouth. They remained smiling as if Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu didn’t exist. 

When the princes and the princess walked over, the officials also greeted them and then sat down. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu acted the same, so the people didn’t find anything special. They thought this awkward greeting will just passed by, but suddenly, the Southern Princess stopped in front of Lin Chujiu and arrogantly asked: “You are Xiao Wangfei?”

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