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Meng Shi was the head of the Meng Family. When he sees Xiao Tianyao, he doesn’t need to kowtow to pay respect, bowing his head shouldn’t be any less in showing his respect, but… …

Seeing a group of people, constantly shouting “Long Live Xiao Wangye”, Meng Shi doesn’t really know, if he should come forward to invite Xiao Tianyao inside.

Although Xiao Tianyao often rode his horse in the capital, ordinary people can only see his shadow. Xiao Tianyao never stops for anyone, he never gives the citizens of the East to worship him.

This time was a rare situation. Meng Shi really wanted to let the onlookers see Xiao Wangye’s appearance, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t give them an opportunity.

Meng Shi didn’t come forward and pay respect. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t care, he went straight towards the gate on his own. He didn’t even stop in front of Meng Shi. He just directly passed by him.

When Meng Shi returned to his senses, Xiao Tianyao was already three steps away from him. From behind Xiao Tianyao, there were many Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen who keep blocking the road. Meng Shi and the rest of his brothers had no other choice but to only follow behind Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao went all the way to the gate, he only stopped when he reached it. He turned around and said: “You may excuse!” Then, he stepped inside the gate.

Xiao Tianyao's voice was not loud. However, it was enough to obliterate the onlooker’s scream of ceremonies, but… …

When the onlookers who keep shouting “Long Live Xiao Wangye” heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice. They felt like his voice rang very clearly on the top of their head. Even the Meng Family’s people that were pretty far also heard it clearly.

“Xiao Wangye just talked to me, he said that I was excused.” Several fanatics of Xiao Tianyao even jumped from happiness. While the other people refused to leave, they wanted to wait for Xiao Tianyao to come out.

When Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen saw the situation, they couldn’t help but shook their heads. And in order not to hinder other people from passing by the road, they busily came forward and persuade other people to leave.

Ordinary people have always been afraid of the officials. So although they were hesitating to leave, they all leave quietly. The only people left were the spies that were hiding in the dark.

In their point of view, Xiao Wangye’s visit to the Meng Family was not something trivial. Although the people were saying that Xiao Wangye was coming to pick up Lin Chujiu, the only people who believed that were the Meng Family and Lin Chujiu herself.

Most of the people think that Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao was only performing a play. Xiao Wangye visits the Meng Family because there must be something important to do.

In the entire Eastern Country, no one believed that Lin Chujiu will dare to leave home and make Xiao Wangye personally pick her up.

Last time, wasn’t Lin Chujiu's trip to Zhuangzi the best proof?

Everyone thought that Lin Chujiu went to the Zhuangzi to recuperate. And Xiao Wangye also went to the Zhuangzi to pick her up, but in fact, they made a deal to the Northern Territory, so this time… …

They will never believe Xiao Wangye and Lin Chujiu again!


It was Xiao Tianyao’s first time to come to the Meng Family, it was also his first time to see them. Xiao Tianyao and the three Meng brothers met in public before. So although Xiao Tianyao’s atmosphere was very scary, they can act normal and say a few words.

However, the young masters of the Meng Family cannot. Some of these young masters were older than Lin Chujiu, and some were younger. As Lin Chujiu’s cousin, they can be considered as equal to Xiao Tianyao. But right now that they were in front of him, their young minds were kicking in, they stutter when being asked.

Xiao Tianyao was originally planning to pick up a few good seedlings from the Meng Family. He thought they might be able to help Lin Chujiu in the future. But when he saw their performance today, he was very disappointed. After exchanging a few words, Xiao Tianyao proposed to go to visit the old lady.

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