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Some of the young masters of the Meng Family sighed in relief. But, Meng Shi secretly shook his head. He was very disappointed with his son and nephew. However, he couldn’t open his mouth this time. Meng Shi got up and brought Xiao Tianyao to Meng Laofuren’s courtyard.

Because Xiao Tianyao was coming, all the daughters-in-law of the Meng Family had long avoided the old lady’s courtyard, as to not collide with Xiao Tianyao when he comes. So, when Xiao Tianyao arrived, only the old lady and Lin Chujiu were inside.

“Stay outside.” Xiao Tianyao took a step forward and said. The three Meng brothers immediately understood his meaning and stop going inside.

“Wangye…” Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to show her dissatisfaction to Xiao Tianyao in front of Meng Laofuren. She took the initiative to come to him with a smile.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he went closer to the old lady with Lin Chujiu.

Meng Laofuren was very happy to see Xiao Tianyao. Her face showed a trace of relief, but her eyes were teary. Seeing Lin Chujiu happy, her daughter’s death seemed to be worthy. 

To tell the truth, it was also Xiao Tianyao’s first time to visit a patient. So, when he saw the old lady lying in bed, he didn’t have much emotion. He only asked a few questions in a business tone. After that, he said: “Old lady take a rest.”

Meng Laofuren didn’t speak, she only nodded her head and smiled. She had lived a long life, she wanted to talk a lot of things to Xiao Tianyao, but she knew it was impossible with her condition and it was not suitable for Xiao Tianyao.

Meng Laoufuren endured and said only one sentence: “Good… go on… Take care of Chujiu.”

Lin Chujiu knew very well Meng Laofuren’s condition and pride. She knew that the old lady doesn’t want Xiao Tianyao to see her drooling. So, she busily said: “Grandmother, we’ll go now, you should have some rest.”

Lin Chujiu took Xiao Tianyao’s hand to go outside. Xiao Tianyao naturally didn’t refuse, so both of them went outside. As soon as they went outside, a pile of sputum came out from the old lady’s mouth.

Lin Chujiu wanted to loosen her grip to Xiao Tianyao’s hand. She doesn’t want her hand to keep holding his hand. Lin Chujiu continued to walk forward and then turned her head to look at Xiao Tianyao. She saw there was no emotion on his face, he only also continued to walk forward.

When the three Meng Brothers saw Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao came out holding each other hands, their eyes widened. In the end, Meng Shi reacted first and said: “Wangye… …”

“You don’t need to be so polite, benwang and Lin Chujiu will go first to rest.” Xiao Tianyao indifferently said. He refused to get too close to the three Meng Brothers, so he pulled Lin Chujiu for them to go outside.

“Lead the way.” Xiao Tianyao took Lin Chujiu’s hand, but he slowed down his footsteps and let Lin Chujiu lead the way.

Lin Chujiu lived in the old lady’s courtyard, she knew it will only take a few steps to get outside. She was too lazy to pull her hand again, so she just let Xiao Tianyao hold it.

However, as soon as the two of them arrived outside the old lady’s courtyard, Feicui and Zhenzhu came forward: “Wangye, Wangfei.”

After the two finished their greetings, they didn’t step aside, they looked as if they wanted to say something.

"What happened?" Lin Chujiu took the initiative to asked. Feicui and Zhenzhu lowered their head and said: “Answering back to Wangfei, Miss Lin is in the yard.”

Feicui and Zhenzhu were both depressed. If this wasn’t Meng Family’s house, they have already thrown that lady outside. They’ve never seen a face as thick as Miss Lin Wanting’s face… …

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