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This is a threat, this is definitely a threat. 

The Fat Envoy was so scared that he went down from the bed and kneel in front of Xiao Tianyao. He didn’t get up, he stayed kneeling and said: “Wangye, I really don’t know. There were only very few people who go in there. We don’t need to go and check that area.”

“Even the shadow of the moon, cannot hide the sky. There is no news that Tiancang Pavilion doesn’t know, isn’t that how special envoy promote your business? If it was only a lie, then benwang doesn’t mind destroying your building again.”

This was definitely a threat. The fat envoy really wanted to cry. “Xiao Wangye, we might be a group of bandits, but we also need money to eat meals. Wangye, I beg you, can you please let us go?” If this goes on, he can no longer really go on with his business.

Although selling information brought him money. He can’t build another building if Xiao Tianyao will destroy it once again.

“Then, why Tiancang Pavilion doesn’t sell information?” Xiao Tianyao deliberately misunderstood the fat envoy’s words. The Fat Envoy continued crying and kneeling in front of him.

However, Xiao Tianyao was not satisfied. He felt like he was being disobedient, so he held his sword again. Then, he pointed it towards the fat envoy: “Benwang’s patience is very limited. Benwang will count to three. If there is still no result, your head will be the result.”

“Three…” Xiao Tianyao didn’t give the fat envoy a chance to think, he directly counted.

“Two…” Xiao Tianyao didn’t even pause, he just counted one by one: “One.”

“I’ll speak, I’ll speak, I’ll speak… …” The fat envoy almost felt the tip of the sword piercing his flesh. So, he knew that Xiao Tianyao will really kill him……

He will die, but no one will know who killed him. He will die with a clean death.

The fat envoy didn’t have a second thought again, he completely sells off the mastermind: “It’s the emperor, it’s the emperor’s men. The Emperor’s leader of spies has a stronghold there. But, I don't know the exact the location, my people just saw it once.”

“Very good.” Xiao Tianyao took back his sword in satisfaction and put a silver ticket on the table. “Benwang appreciate the principle of Tiancang Pavilion in doing their business.”

The fat envoy smiled, but he couldn't afford to laugh. He doesn’t appreciate Xiao Wangye’s tyranny in doing his business even a single bit.

Once he got the information he wanted, Xiao Tianyao shamelessly left the fat envoy’s room. He opened the room door directly. Outside the room, the guards heard the sound of the door. However, they haven’t made a move when they heard the fat envoy’s voice: “Are you dog’s eyes can’t clearly see, how dare you all to stop Xiao Wangye?” If Xiao Wangye killed you all, no one will avenge you.

As soon as the guards heard it, they took a stepped backward one by one to make way.

Xiao Tianyao was like he didn’t see anything, his footsteps didn’t stop. He was like the emperor of the night. He just elegantly left, but…. …

His departing back suffocates the fat envoy.

This place was Tiancang Pavilion, not Xiao Wangfu. But, why he was overwhelmed by him?

Knowing who were the people behind it, Xiao Tianyao didn’t bother to be polite. He knew the emperor has a lot of spies under his hand. He knew them all along. He knew who was the leader of the spies, it’s just… …

Some people cannot be killed at once, otherwise, a dog will jump off the wall.

However, this time, the emperor and this leader of spies completely annoyed him. Since that leader dared to bother him, he had to pay the price.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t change his clothes. He appeared on a dark alley with an exposed face. He then jumped into an ordinary house. But as soon as he entered the house, he found out that it was not an ordinary house at all!

Such an expert martial artist like Xiao Tianyao, immediately discovered that he was surrounded by dozens of people!

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