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Once he spoke of it, he will do it. After helping Lin Chujiu to put medicine to her bruises and wounds, Xiao Tianyao got up and prepared to leave.

However, before leaving, he kisses Lin Chujiu’s back and pulled the quilt to cover her: “Don’t think about it anymore, take a rest.”

His tone was very low, he talks very slow, there was no emotional ups and downs. There was no difference during peaceful hours. As if, nothing had happened, there were still the same as before.

Everything was always under his control. Xiao Tianyao wants them to be together, so she can only get along with him. Her intentions were never been important.

Lin Chujiu, who was lying in the bed, couldn’t stop from crying.

She wants to blame Xiao Tianyao, but she couldn’t find a reason to resent him.

Living the part of her life seems to be meaningless… …

Lin Chujiu stayed motionless in the bed, before and after Xiao Tianyao went outside the room.

After Xiao Tianyao left Lin Chujiu’s room, he went back to his study room and asked Liu Bai: “Did Tiancang Pavilion say anything?”

“No.” Liu Bai admits that it was really difficult to make Tiancang Pavilion open their mouth.

“Did you find out why?” Xiao Tianyao asked again, while Liu Bai lowered his head and said: “No.”

Xiao Tianyao looked up and looked at Liu Bai with deep disappointment. Liu Bai lowered his head even more in uneasiness. He had a bad feeling inside his heart.

Could it be Tianyao knew I talk with Miss  Mo?

He just went there to see her. He really didn’t do anything. He didn’t even agree to her.

Liu Bai was very uneasy inside his heart, but he tried to stay calm. He thought he had done well, but he didn’t know his eyes had already betrayed him. Xiao Tianyao, who was disdainful said: “Get out.”

At night, Xiao Tianyao, who was dressed in black appeared in the East branch of the Tiancang Pavilion. However, no one noticed that Xiao Tianyao came to the fat envoy’s room directly.

After he quietly approached, he placed a cold sword next to the fat envoy’s neck. The fat envoy hasn’t had time to react, but Xiao Tianyao had already dragged a chair next to the bed and sat down.

“Who… …” The fat envoy was not awakened by the cold sword but was awakened by the sound of the chair dragging. When he opened his eyes, he found out that there was a sword next to his neck. Under the moonlight, he could clearly see that he was in a bad situation.

“We haven’t seen each other for only a few days, but special envoy has already forgotten benwang?” Xiao Tianyao said. His voice doesn’t have any trace of emotion and his speech was as slow as ever. The Fat Envoy harden his heart and said: “Xiao, Xiao Wangye, why are you here?” Did he provoke him by not selling news? But, does he really need to threaten him with a sword?

“Benwang’s people can’t buy news, so benwang have to do it himself.” As he spoke, Xiao Tianyao moved closer his sword to the fat envoy’s neck: “Special Envoy, do you need benwang to repeat his words?”

“No, no, no need… …” The Fat Envoy almost urinate in fear. He carefully pushed the sword away from his neck and said: “Xiao Wangye, there is something I need to say. It’s not that I don’t want to sell you the news. It’s just, I don’t know the information you want.”

“Benwang believes the credibility of Tiancang Pavilion in doing their job. Forget about the news, benwang no longer cares.” Xiao Tianyao took back his sword, but he didn’t put it back inside the scabbard. Instead, he put it on the table: “Just speak, who are those people under the cliff?” 

“Wangye… …” The Fat Envoy quickly kneel in the bed. Was there any difference between his questions?

“Tiancang Pavilion existed in the East for a long time now. If you will say you don’t know, benwang will not believe it.” Xiao Tianyao said as he flicked the tip the of the sword. The sword circulates on top of the table.

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