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When they jumped down, her body suddenly lost control, she fell straight down. Although Lin Chujiu was prepared earlier, she was shocked. Lin Chujiu instinctively scream, but she swallowed her voice halfway! 

She doesn’t want to satisfy other people’s bad taste!

“Xiao Wangfei’s courage is very big.” The man attached his lips next to Lin Chujiu’s ear and said. His voice was not small, but it was still blocked by the wind. Lin Chujiu didn’t hear him.

But of course, even if she heard it clearly, Lin Chujiu will not bother to talk back with him.

After closing her eyes, Lin Chujiu folded her hand into a fist and told herself not to get scared. The other party dared to jump down, so they will probably survive.

With this in mind, Lin Chujiu calmed down a lot.

Well, it was indeed true. They steadily landed on a big net. And when they fall, they even bounced back a few times. Fortunately, the man was holding her, otherwise, Lin Chujiu was thrown away.

The moment they landed, Lin Chujiu felt very fortunate. In order not to lose any of her hidden weapons, she tightly attached all her weapons in her body. Otherwise, those weapons might have flown away, just like the hairpin on her head.

“I didn’t expect that Xiao Wangfei really came empty-handed. Should I say you are too bold or stupid?” The man put Lin Chujiu in his arms and walked towards the other side of the net.

It was too dark, and her long hair was all over in front of her face. Lin Chujiu couldn’t see anything, but judging from the sound of the wind, it seems the other side of the net was a cave.

Lin Chujiu didn’t struggle or resist, which made the man felt surprised:  How did Xiao Wangye train his people? In just a few months, he made the arrogant eldest Miss of Lin Family so obedient?

Just like Lin Chujiu had guessed, the other side of the big net was a cave. The cave that was naturally formed, but later on carved by the people.

After walking around for about 100 meters, a stone door opened and a fire came in sight. Lin Chujiu instinctive stretched out her hand and put it in front of her eyes until she got adapted to the light.

The cave was not big, but it was very deep. Lin Chujiu didn’t see the bottom. But inside, there was a huge brazier every ten meters of the cave. Every hole shines brightly as if it was daytime and it was very cold. 

The air inside the cave was good, the torch made the surrounding area warm, which was excellent.

WhenLin Chujiu and the man just came in, another three men dressed in black came out. The three men didn’t conceal their appearance, their face was exposed. They looked pale and scary. She had never seen such a white complexion, it looked very scary under the fire.

“This is Xiao Wangfei? Sure enough, if Boss, was the one who came out, he can do a good job.” The three people look at the goods they captured. They looked at Lin Chujiu from head to toe, then revealed a very disgusting expression on their face: “Such a fine little girl, will Xiao Wangye come out to get her?”

The other party’s real intention was revealed.

It turned out that the other party’s real goal was Xiao Tianyao.

“Hahaha…” Lin Chujiu suddenly laughed out loud. The three men looked at her and asked: “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at your ignorance for using me as a bait to Xiao Wangye. It’s a very bad move. Believe it or not, you are only giving away your head, but Xiao Wangye will not make a move.”According to Xiao Tianyao’s temper, if she died, he will only more likely avenge her.

“Boss, is what she said was true?” The three men panicked and looked at the man who came in with Lin Qijiu.

“Whether Xiao Wangye will come or not, is not for her to decide.” The man who was called boss, lose his grip to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t fell heavily on the ground, she only rolled few laps and then she climbed up. She saw the boss’s cold eyes, but as for his face?

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