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His entire head was covered with a black cloth, his pair of eyes were only exposed.

“Take her down to wash, I don’t want anything unclean about her.” After he finished, the boss walked to the left side and pushed a stone wall. A secret door appeared and the boss walked inside of it. Then, the door was restored to its original state. It doesn’t look different from the wall next to it.

This place is really terrible.

Lin Chujiu quickly took a glanced at it. Although she couldn’t see anything because she was very far, she was sure there were quite a few similar doors around.

“Stop looking at it, you can’t open it anyway, even if you see it. Xiao Wangfei, it will be better if you just come with us, you will eat less pain.” The three men looked at Lin Chujiu with a scornful look.

Lin Chujiu took back her line of sight, then nodded her head: “Okay.”

“Hmph… this Xiao Wangfei looks very silly.” The three men sneered, and they pushed Lin Chujiu over another cave.

Inside, the road was long and narrow. There was no illumination of lights just like the one before. And the more they walked, the darker the place it gets.  However, after a quarter of an hour, she saw a light. The three men pushed Lin Chujiu, then they pointed their finger to the pool with a white smoke in the middle: “You will jump in or we will throw you down?”

“I will jump myself.” At this time, does she really need to choose?

With a *puff* sound, Lin Chujiu jump from the pool… …

“It’s so cold!”

The biting cold water was like an ice blade that penetrates into every inch of her skin. Lin Chujiu shudders and holds herself tightly, as she was stuck in the pool.

When she came in, she found that the temperature of the cave was very low. She guessed that the pool with the white smoke was not that warm, but she didn’t expect it to be this cold.

This is simply an ice pool!

“Ha ha ha, this pool of cold water is not bad, right? Xiao Wangfei, if you like it, you can soak yourself more.” The three men laughed when they saw Lin Chujiu so uncomfortable.

“I, can I go out now?” Lin Chuji shivered, her face was pale and her lips were trembling.

“Soak your hair again and then come out.” The three men didn’t give Lin Chujiu a hard time. After all, if Lin Chujiu died from the cold, how can they lead Xiao Wangye to come out?

“Okay.” The water was cold, it gives chill up to her bone. But Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate, she squatted down and enter the water, then immediately stood up and walked to the side of the pool.

When the three men saw Lin Chujiu come up, they gave her a set of coarse clothes and a quilt to cover herself: “Just stay here, don’t force us to throw you in the pool again.”

With the three men’s words, it can be seen that they were not worried that Lin Chujiu might run away. They didn’t even turn their head again, they just left her all alone.

The children of the Meng Family came back home safely. However, Lin Chujiu still haven’t appeared. They don’t know if she fell into the hands of the enemy and couldn’t escape.

The Meng Family was happy that their children came back, but they were also very worried about Lin Chujiu’s situation. The Meng Family was uneasy, so they sent a large number of people to look around the Wind Cliff Valley. They even let people climb up, but the surroundings were too dark, so they simply cannot find anyone.

“I hope Lin Chujiu was capable enough to survive and let us help her by tomorrow.” This was Meng Shi’s idea.

In the Xiao Wangfu, they received a news from the shadow guards. After knowing that Lin Chujiu jumped off the Wind Cliff Valley, Su Cha became worried. He asked many times: “Don’t you care about Wangfei’s life?”

“Benwang believes in her.” Xiao Tianyao tapped his fingers a bit on the table. He didn’t show any trace of urgency or uneasiness on his face.

After determining that the Meng Family’s children were safe, Xiao Tianyao understood that the other party was actually aiming for him. As long as he hasn’t been hooked, nothing bad will happen to Lin Chujiu… …

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