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“Father, you’d better make a move quickly. Don’t let other people think that Divine Doctor Mo’s death has something to with Wanting. The Lin Family will get in trouble.” The rotten ship also has three pounds of nails. There was a lot of disciple under Divine Doctor Mo. Plus, there was the Dali Temple, they can sue him for this, and… …

Divine Doctor Mo also had a good relationship with the sects. Those people don’t dare to make a move on Xiao Tianyao, but what about him?

Although he has power as a Prime Minister, it’s not useful to put control of the sects. At very least, those sects were more afraid of generals with military power.

Lin Chujiu can think further than this, but Lin Xiang could think further. He has deeper thoughts than her.

Mo Yuer, who was the Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter, was in the palace. He heard that she was quite favored by the emperor. If Mo Yuer thinks that Lin Wanting has a connection with this, it will become troublesome.

No matter what he thinks of Lin Chujiu, he can’t deny that her reminder was very timely, so he said: “I will check this matter. You better be careful yourself. The court will soon take over Ci Entang’s case. After that, you don’t have to worry.”

Lin Xiang also had a love for Lin Chujiu, but he doesn’t want to get close to her. Likewise, he also doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to get close to him.

The court will take over Ci Entang’s case sooner or later. They were only dragging it down to embarrass Xiao Tianyao. But now that Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu sold him information, he will remind the people under him to hand the Ci Entang case as soon as possible.

“Thank you, father.” Lin Chujiu was greatly thankful and appreciate Lin Xiang’s character. Although he was unkind, this result was very good.

After successfully solving the matter regarding Ci Entang, Lin Chujiu’s mood became quite good. However, when she thinks of Divine Doctor Mo’s death, she couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

Lin Chujiu had brought this feeling up to the Meng Family. And then, she saw Lin Wanting’s face. Lin Chujiu unconsciously frowned her eyebrows: “Is there something?” Lin Wanting was a few years younger, but she already learned how to blocked people in the middle of the road?

“I don’t need anything, you think I am waiting for you here?” Lin Wanting looked at Lin Chujiu with a gloomy face, then coldly added: “Lin Chujiu, I am telling you, don’t dream about the Crown Prince helping you to ask Divine Doctor Mo. You can only hope for it.”

“Indeed, I am only hoping.” Lin Chujiu looked at Lin Wanting with a questionable face, then said with a good heart: “You didn’t know Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide?”

“Suicide? What nonsense are you talking about? Why will Divine Doctor Mo commit suicide?” Lin Wanting couldn’t believe it. She only saw Divine Doctor Mo yesterday afternoon, he was in completely good condition. Lin Chujiu must be talking nonsense.

“Do I need to talk nonsense about this kind of thing? After you saw him yesterday, it didn’t take long for him to commit suicide. The government official haven’t announce this matter yet, but we know what happened.” After taking advantage of her father, Lin Chujiu had a rare patience for Lin Wanting. She didn’t dig a pit for her.

“You, what are you talking about? Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide right after seeing me? That is impossible, I didn’t say anything.” With Lin Chujiu’s strong statement, Lin Wanting automatically set up herself.

“Be careful, don’t talk about what happened.” Lin Chujiu shook her head and sighed. Even though Lin Wanting think that she did nothing, other people will not.

“Me, did I said something wrong?” Lin Wanting’s face became pale, but she still refused to admit she was at fault.

Lin Chujiu didn’t intend to talk to Lin Wanting more: “Move to the side, don’t my block my way.”

Today, she was going to look at the weapons she asked to be made. She will go to the Wind Cliff Valley tomorrow. She shouldn’t slack off.

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