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Lin Chujiu hurried out, not to find someone else, but to find Lin Xiang.

Today was not his rest day, so he was in the government office. Although Lin Xiang was very surprised, when Lin Chujiu appeared, he still gives Lin Chujiu a face in front of other people.

“This official greets Xiao Wangfei.” Lin Xiang’s ceremony was more like a monarch and a minister than a father and a daughter. So, how can he be happy? This kind of ceremony was being performed by other people to him.

“Father, you don’t have to be so polite.” Similarly, regardless of what Lin Chujiu think of Lin Xiang. At this moment, she pretended to be a filial daughter.

After the father and the daughter acted for a while. Lin Xiang took Lin Chujiu to his private office. And as soon as he entered, he said: “Say, what do you want?” Because of the matter regarding the scholar students, their relationship as father and a daughter completely torn apart.

“Father, did you know that Divine Doctor Mo died of suicide?” The smile on Lin Chujiu’s face was light, but she looked very respectful.

“Died of suicide, what happened?” Lin Xiang knew that Lin Chujiu will not mention Divine Doctor Mo for a simple matter, so he couldn’t help but knitted his eyebrows.

“Father, did you know, that before Divine Doctor Mo died, Wanting went to see him? If I didn’t guess it wrong, she should be the last person that seen Divine Doctor Mo alive.” Lin Chujiu had been staring at Lin Xiang’s face while speaking. So, she could tell that Lin Xiang doesn’t know anything. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but sigh in this: “Father, you must deal with this matter as soon as soon as possible. Otherwise, Lin Wanting will be miserable.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Lin Xiang looked at Lin Chujiu intently. He doesn’t believe that she has no ill intention.

Of course, she wanted to tell this news, so that he could do her a favor. But, Lin Chujiu will not say it directly to Lin Xiang.

Lin Chujiu said with a smile: “Father, no matter what, Wanting is my sister. It doesn’t matter if we fight, but other people can’t bully her.”

“Do you still see Wanting as your sister?” Lin Xiang looked at Lin Chujiu with eyes full of ridicule. Just by remembering how Lin Chujiu sent Lin Wanting away from the Xiao Wangfu, he wanted to slap her face a few times.

Because of this, the crown prince and the empress were still very dissatisfied with Lin Wanting. The crown prince hasn’t taken the initiative to see his daughter, the two of them directly fell into a cold war.

Lin Chujiu's face looked very sincere: "If she doesn't think about stealing my husband, will I  bully her and sent her away like an outsider?”

“You… …” Lin Xiang’s face reddens in anger. Although his face was usually thick, he still couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard those words.

Well, the thing Lin Wanting did was not kind.

“Father, you know, I’ve always been this arrogant, so don’t take it to heart.” Lin Chujiu spread her hands and shrugged her shoulders. Her face looked very innocent.

The person who made the original Lin Chujiu arrogant, were both Lin Xiang and Lin Furen, so Lin Xiang knew this thing very clear.

Lin Xiang took two deep breaths, to suppress the anger in his heart: “Did you really came for the sake of Wanting?”

“Otherwise, what else? After all, Divine Doctor Mo’s death is not related to me. Father, it might be related to the palace people that secretly meet Divine Doctor Mo in the middle of the night. Because after that, Divine Doctor Mo committed suicide in the prison. Don’t you find it strange?” Xiao Tianyao can find this matter, but Lin Chujiu wanted to do it in her own way. 

“Why are you telling me this?” Lin Xiang still doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu has no other intention. According to her remarks, she was suspecting that it has a relationship with the emperor.

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