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This was the first time he comforted someone, but he was bluntly blocked. Xiao Tianyao became speechless for a moment, he doesn’t know what to say. So, he only coughed and said: “Those people who offended you today, benwang will let you handle them.” Because of this matter, he waited for Lin Chujiu for about an hour. However, he didn’t get angry at all, Lin Chujiu mus be satisfied with this, right?

“No, they didn’t offend me. They were just executing your orders.” Lin Chujiu took back the tears in her eyes and looked at Xiao Tianyao. Then, she asked again: “Wangye, do you need me for something?”

Xiao Tianyao frowned his eyebrows. Seeing Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to beat around the bush, he had no choice but to mention about his official business: “The thing about the Meng Family… …”

“I will not bother Wangye with this matter. This is our family’s problem. My family is my own business, I will be responsible for it.” Xiao Tianyao just opened the matter, but Lin Chujiu interrupted him.

With her tone, she was obviously angry. Seeing Lin Chujiu with a bad temper, Xiao Tianyao, who usually has a bad temper couldn’t help but get angry: “Lin Chujiu, are you resenting benwang? Who gave you the courage to dare act unruly in front of benwang? Don’t think that just because benwang treat you nicely recently, you can act recklessly like this.”

Lin Chujiu was very nice. He really has an affection for her. He also really regarded her as his wife. However, it doesn’t mean that he will pamper her. His woman shouldn’t be arrogant and ignorant.

“I don’t resent you, just like what you said, you really did treat me so well recently.”  Lin Chujiu didn’t deny this fact. She doesn’t know what was Xiao Tianyao’s reason for doing this. So, she didn’t wait any longer and asked: “Wangye, you’ve been treating me so well, is it because you have me in your heart?”

“Ahem, ahem… …” Xiao Tianyao never thought that Lin Chujiu would ask such a direct question. He almost choked after hearing it, so he coughed twice and said: “You are benwang’s wangfei.” He admitted that she was his wangfei, so she inevitably was in his heart.

“Then, do you like me even a little?” Lin Chujiu asked another question. Xiao Tianyao’s ears redden, but he didn’t give her a positive answer. He only blurted out: “Lin Chujiu, benwang wants to discuss you about Meng Family and what you’re supposed to do.” Isn’t it obvious enough? Stupid woman.

“Let’s talk about this matter first, then you discuss my family. Wangye, do you like me? Did you kissed me that day because you like me?” Some things must be said clearly to be understood. She wanted to know if it was worth looking forward too.

“Is this important? You are benwang’s wife. Is kissing you was something strange?” Xiao Tianyao was very annoyed. For men, there were some things that they cannot be said.

“Just because we are husband and wife? But, do you see me as your wife?” Her relationship with Xiao Tianyao was more like a master and a servant.

“When did benwang not see you as his wife?” Seeing Lin Chujiu’s questionable face, Xiao Tianyao was forced to add: “Benwang didn’t kill you, admitted that you are Xiao Wangfei, are those proof that benwang sees you as his wife? If benwang doesn’t see you as his wife, do you think benwang will let you live?”

If he wants to take Lin Chujiu’s life, he only need to lift his hand. However, when she needed to be saved, he runs outside the capital even though his injuries were just healed. Regardless of his face, he chase after her and took her back. When she needed to do something, he set aside his grudge to the emperor and accompany her into the palace… …

Wasn’t he good enough for her? So, why at this moment, this woman was asking such silly questions? She was … …

Stupid and helpless!

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