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Lin Chujiu’s sudden changed made the Xiao Wangfu guardsmen’s heart feel scared of her. They knew their Wangfei has a strong side. They had witnessed how she dealt with those troublesome scholars and suppressed Lin Xiang’s arrogance. However, they thought that she was only able to do it because she has Xiao Wangfu’s support. Without Xiao Wangfu, can Lin Chujiu survive in the capital?

Not only Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen think so, but also Su Cha and Liu Bai. Without Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu couldn’t stand tall.

Therefore, Xiao Wangfu thinks that Lin Chujiu's good behavior in the Wangfu was very appropriate. She never dared to resist their Wangye because she cannot afford to lose Xiao Wangfu’s backing. Lin Chujiu can be arrogant outside, but she can’t be arrogant inside. However, at this moment, the guardsmen finally understood that they were wrong. 

Their Wangfei’s good behavior doesn’t seem to be because she needs Xiao Wangfu’s support, nor she can’t live without Xiao Wangfu… …

When the guardsmen remembered their Wangye’s recent attention to Lin Chujiu. They were suddenly all shocked and startled. They felt like they had done something wrong. So, they bowed their head and said: “Wangfei, this subordinate was so daring to offend you. This subordinate is willing to accept any punishment.”

“Get out of the way.” Lin Chujiu's voice was hoarse, she seemed to be was about to cry and feeling weak. With that, the guardsmen didn’t dare to stop her again and just let her pass.

Lin Chujiu didn’t leave with imposing manner. She just walked away silently, but her atmosphere seemed to be covered with sorrow. Every step she took seemed heavy, but still extremely firm.

Housekeeper Cao, who stood behind Lin Chujiu, wanted to go forward several times. But, he didn’t dare to actually do so. He felt like their Wangfei had changed. However, he doesn’t know if this change was good or bad.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t dare to think too much, he busily goes to see Xiao Tianyao and reported everything that happened. After hearing the report, Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak. Housekeeper Cao added another sentence: “Wangye, Wangfei seems to be very sad.” Are you going to coax Wangfei?

“Benwang knows, you may leave.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t lift his head until he finished reading the paper in his hand. While carelessly putting down the paper, he said: “The tiger finally revealed it’s fangs,? This is good, a coward wangfei cannot support Xiao Wangfu.”

According to Lin Chujiu’s temperament, without his protection, she will only take a step back even if she was pushed to the corner.

Lin Chujiu just wanted Housekeeper Cao to give her a basin of water, but instead, she was blocked by him again and again. Lin Chujiu’s heart burst in anger. She directly went back to her courtyard. She did not only washed her face but also changed her clothes. After tossing here and there, and going back and forth on the road, Lin Chujiu meet Xiao Tianyao after an hour.

“Wangye, do you need me for something?” Lin Chujiu asked directly as soon as she came inside. Her tone was different from her usual gentleness.

“What? You’re angry?” Xiao Tianyao looked up and saw that Lin Chujiu’s eyes were red. He knew that what happened to Meng Laofuren brought her a great shocked. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know how to comfort the others, so he only blurted out: “Don’t be sad, the old lady will be fine.”

“Wangye, don’t make me laugh, my grandmother is lying paralyzed in bed. Unless I met an immortal god, she will stay like this in a lifetime.” In the end, Lin Chujiu can’t help but get teary.

And in order not to let her tears flow out, Lin Chujiu looked up at the roof, trying her best to put them back.

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